Use of textures in design projects is indeed a popular trend. Out of the many assorted textures available for designers to use in their artwork, paper textures and backgrounds are quite popular with most designers. From web designs to print designs, paper textures continue to find great usage. Folded paper textures are especially popular due to the dynamism that they give design projects when used as backgrounds. Whether it is a flyer or poster that you are designing, these textures will give it an impressive touch. We hope you will be greatly inspired by this collection of folded paper textures.

5 Folded Paper Backgrounds

5 folded paper backgrounds1

Working on a project related to flyers or posters design? Then you will find this set of five folded paper backgrounds quite ideal. The layered PSD files in these backgrounds render customization possible in order to suit your needs.

Hi-Res Folded Paper Textures

hi res folded paper textures

These high resolution creased paper textures comes with a fine halftone dot effect ideal for adding attention-grabbing paper fold details to your artwork. They are great for giving your designs the desired vintage touch.

Fold Paper Texture for Graphic artwork

fold paper texture for graphic artwork

These high-resolution textures look so nice and ideal for use in your graphic designs. The gorgeously layered PSD files come with remarkable transparency that will lead to great designs that will allure your audience a great deal.

Best Collection of Folded Paper Texture Pack

best collection of folded paper texture pack

This is definitely a great pack of folded paper textures. Ideal as image overlays, these textures can give an instant enhancement to your projects. Besides impressive texture, this collection can give your designs a desirable dimension.Great projects call for great designs. And, this collection of high-resolution paper textures could be all that your design projects need to stand out elegantly and in the most spectacular manner possible.

Folded Dirty Paper Texture

folded dirty paper texture

This texture can form a great background for your vintage themed design project. The white texture can be good for your blog or website as it can enhance readability a great deal.

Golden Textures Digital Paper Pack

golden textures digital paper pack

The elegance and intricacy that these paper textures come with is eye-catching. Whether you are looking for some great resource for use as your blog or website background, scrapbooking, invitation, packaging, etc, you will find these textures helpful.

Old Paper Textures

old paper textures

Want to give your design project an aged look? If yes, then this pack of aged folded paper texture can prove to be very useful. Designed with printing paper, tea and microwave set, these textures are just awesome.

Folded Paper Texture Pattern Swatches

folded paper texture pattern swatches

Giving your projects a blend of crumbled and folded texture can really enhance their look. And, this is the effect that this resource has to offer.

High Resolution Folded Paper Textures

high resolution folded paper textures

This pack of 5 folded paper textures with assorted patterns is ideal for use as overlays as well as backgrounds. These gorgeous, bold textures are ideal for an aged look.

Vintage Old Paper Texture

vintage old paper texture

Golden Old Paper Texture

golden old paper texture

Hopefully, you have found the above collection of paper texture helpful. Whether your design project is related to print or web, you will find these textures reasonably ideal especially if you aspire to create high quality and captivating designs. The textures come in a number of select overlays that you can actually rely on for your assorted artwork. With these paper textures, your projects need not be the usual, boring artwork. The textures will give your designs the much sought after a touch of elegance and uniqueness that will hypnotize your audience. Go ahead and use them in your next design.

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