Paper Textures can be an amazing thing in designing if you know how to use them right. Recycled paper, in fact, comes with unique textures that can beef up any boring background for your graphic design work. They are being widely used by graphic designers to create websites, postcards, invitation cards, business cards, brochures and even high-quality pamphlets. In several cases, recycled paper textures have been the reason behind product packaging. Here are some high resolution recycled paper textures that you should check out!

Tileable Recycled Paper Textures

tileable recycled paper textures

A pack of 10 unique recycled / handmade paper textures, these can serve as unique background to a range of graphic design work. The textures come in different hues and interesting grain patterns. Offered as a single pattern file for Photoshop, you get a high 300 dpi resolution to serve in any kind of application.

High Resolution Recycled Paper Textures

high resolution recycled paper textures

If you are looking to add a handmade touch to your graphic background, using this set of twelve recycled paper textures will be the easiest way to go about it. The textures are offered as a single Photoshop pattern file that includes all twelve textures and further as independent JPEGs that are ready to be printed.

Green Recycled Paper Texture

green recycled paper texture

This is a unique paper texture with a typical green shade to it. The look and feel of the texture are perfectly handmade and will spruce up any background. The texture is offered as a high-resolution pattern file that can be easily added to your Photoshop toolset.

High Quality Recycled Paper Texture

colored recycled paper textures

Now, this should be a handy collection for any graphic designer out there. A set of forty recycled paper textures, they come in a high quality and can be used in all kinds of projects – ranging from hoarding backgrounds to greetings card cover.

Colorful Recycle Paper Textures

colorful recycle paper textures

A basic set of nine unique and differently colored handmade paper textures, this can effectively add a unique mood to your background. The textures integrate a very raw appeal and cover the most commonly used handmade papers.

Vintage Recycled Paper Texture

vintage recycled paper texture

Looking for a really vintage background for your next graphic design project? Well, here’s your answer. The earth-colored textures integrate naturally looking grains and would be a real art at your disposal. The textures are offered in several dimensions and are ready to print.

Light Old Recycled Paper Texture

light old recycled paper texture

Featuring unique natural grains, the paper texture here represents the covers you would come across in vintage books. The light theme makes it the perfect background material for a range of graphic design applications.

Recycled Buff Paper Texture

recycled buff paper texture

Precisely recreated to replicate the appearance of a buff paper, this would be an amazing background for all your high-quality graphic design work. The texture here is highly realistic and comes in a high resolution for completely realistic applications.

Recycled Aged Paper Texture

recycled aged paper texture

Featuring a unique pattern of grains, there’s an incredible grunge appeal to this texture. If you are looking to create something really aged in bevel and emboss, this would be the perfect background to work on.

Brown Natural Recycled Paper Texture

brown natural recycled paper texture

The handmade shades here come in very realistic colors, grains, and tones. If you have been looking for a perfect old book cover background for your design work, this is it. The texture is offered in the highest resolution for seamless visuals.

Free Recycled Paper Texture

free recycled paper texture

Seamless Recycled Paper Textures

seamless recycled paper textures

Recycled Vector Paper Texture

recycled vector paper texture

Natural Recycled Paper Texture

natural recycled paper texture

Pale Natural Recycled Paper Texture

pale natural recycled paper texture

Realistic Recycle Paper Texture

realistic recycle paper texture

Old Recycled Paper Texture

old recycled paper texture

Free Recycled Speckly Paper Texture

free recycled speckly paper texture1

Rough Recycled Paper Texture

rough recycled paper texture

Craft Recycled Paper Texture

craft recycled paper texture

Recycled Stained Paper Texture

recycled stained paper texture

This collection has been really unique and exhaustive when it comes to recycled paper textures. We hope you find the most creative applications out of them. We would also definitely like to see what you do with these. Do share your work.

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