We all have our cupboards brimming with a ton of cool T-shirts and yet we have nothing to wear on a casual day. A comfy choice that usually springs up is a T-shirt, but it gets a bit mundane to choose the same type of outfit for every casual occasion.

The best solution we can come up with, to fix these fashion woes is cutting up an old T-shirt in a stylish way and recreating a brand new top. You can master the art of T-shirt reconstruction easily, with a little practice. It’s an exciting, new way of making a trendy style statement.

Going sleeveless is the simplest styling technique that works for any Tee. Cut off the sleeves, keeping the shoulder width according to your choice to create a custom cut top. This bright sleeveless t-shirt looks chic and is the ideal summer choice.

Vintage Cut T Shirt Design

vintage cut t shirt design


This is an easy hack to give your simple t-shirt, an intricate look. Make small vertical slits along the neckline, spaced evenly. It’s a good idea to mark it first using a ruler and a chalk to make the perfect cuts. Chop off the sleeves too, to get this vintage look.

Cut and Tie T Shirt Design

cut and tie t shirt design


Fold the T-shirt in half and make straight cuts from top to bottom at the back. As you go down, make each new cut shorter than the previous one. Take the first strip from the top, make a small loop by twisting it and pull the next strip out from this loop. Now make this strip as a loop and proceed this way till the end. Cut and tie it up at the end to get this braided T-shirt.

Side Cut T Shirt

side cut t shirt

Fashion keeps making a comeback. Get this corset look of the 80s by making small cuts vertically at the sides of T-shirt and then tie it up with lace.

Homemade Cut Up T Shirt

homemade cut up t shirt


You can create this homemade T-shirt by making slits at the back and braiding it down as mentioned before. Instead of a single loop, you need to make four and proceed downwards where you tie it up.

Cut T Shirt Sleeves Design

cut t shirt sleeves design


Get this funky look by making cuts on your T-shirt’s sleeves. Start with smaller horizontal slits, making them wider at the center and again smaller as you go down.

Shoulder Cut T Shirt Idea

shoulder cut t shirt idea

Turn your plain tee into a rocking party wear by making these style cuts. Make small uneven slits along the shoulder and neckline and braid them to get this fab look.

Angel Wings Cut T Shirt

angel wings cut t shirt


This is one of the popular T-shirt designs we come across most often. You need practice and precision to make the cuts perfectly. This style looks great, especially with white tees.

Black Cut T Shirt Design

black cut t shirt design


White Short Cut T Shirt Design

white short cut t shirt design


Gorgeous Cut T Shirt

gorgeous cut t shirt

Cut T Shirt for Model

cut t shirt for model


Long Sleeve Black Cut T Shirt

long sleeve black cut t shirt

Open Scratch Cut T Shirt

open scratch cut t shirt

T-shirts are the all-time favorite, comfort wear that we don’t like to discard easily. With innovative ideas, you can turn them into modern, stylish wear and stay high on fashion quotient. Start with simple cuts and go on to make sophisticated designs, as you master the technique.

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