Striped t-shirts are androgynous. The give a retro look of the 90’s and is suitable for younger boys and girls. They have a simpatico persona attached to their look. This is not your typical sporty look. Aztec t-shirts have an offbeat appeal. Do not accessorize when wearing this design of t-shirt. Keep the overall look casual and simple. Avoid wearing heels when pairing this t-shirt with denim or flared skirts.

Black and White Striped T Shirt

black and white striped t shirt


This is a semi-fit short stripped t-shirt worn with baggy denim and sneakers. If you are out for a casual walk, you can wear this t-shirt and denim outfit. You can either tie a pony or leave your hair without styling it. Teenagers look good on this type of t-shirt.

Striped T Shirt with Lace

striped t shirt with lace

A sweet looking t-shirt for women with lacy elements on the neckline and stripes colored in white, pink, and light blue. This gives a retro look and can be paired with skinny fit denim. This is a cut t-shirt design that looks offbeat.

Retro Striped T Shirt Design

retro striped t shirt design


This is a simple black and white stripes design t-shirt. The black and white stripes are large in size. Only petite body types can fit well for this design. This design is suitable only for teenage girls. You can also wear music t-shirt designs that have musical notations and symbols on them.

Striped Long Sleeve T Shirt

striped long sleeve t shirt


A sweet looking, full sleeved, body fitted thin black stripes t-shirt with a white background. You can wear a duster coat or a long sleeveless shrug along with this t-shirt. Boys and girls can wear this design of t-shirt for a casual event.

This is a vibrant, dyed cotton t-shirt in rainbow colors. It is printed in the motif of the tiger coat. It is suitable for young girls and toddlers. If you have a hippie soul and a taste for all things hippie and bohemian, this is the kind of t-shirt design to wear.

Vertical Striped T Shirt

vertical striped t shirt

This is an elegant, semi-fitted, black t-shirt that has vertical stripes camouflaged within this design. Women of all ages can wear this design. It goes well with baggy and skinny fit blue denim. You can also pair this t-shirt with dark gray slacks or leggings.

Men’s Striped T Shirt Design

mens striped t shirt design

This is a beautiful and sleek t-shirt design for young men. It has a navy blue background and bands of stripes in cream, black, and orange color. This is suitable for men with a lean body. Men with bulky bodies must avoid wearing stripes t-shirts.

Blue Striped T Shirt

blue striped t shirt


This is a beautiful teal colored t-shirt with thin white stripes. It also has a teal colored pocket and a slight flare on the hemline. Young women with a petite or an hourglass figure look good in them.

Anchor Striped T Shirt

anchor striped t shirt


Long Sleeve T Shirt with Lace

long sleeve t shirt with lace

Grunge Blue and Red Stripe T-Shirt

grunge blue and red stripe t shirt

Green and Brown Striped T Shirt

green and brown striped t shirt

You can go for the stripes t-shirts or the crossfit t-shirts. These are the designs in t-shirts that will stay forever. If you have a retro streak in you and like casual dressing, wear these designs for a casual event. Explore casual fashion with these prints and motifs.

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