Stripes T-shirt is a wearable fashion trend that has made a major come back in 2017, and the best part is that you can get one in any color. From horizontal, diagonal, broad, broken, thin to mixed and match, these T-shirt designs have a cool, relaxed style that will showcase your swag yet polished enough to suit any fancy gathering. They are effortless yet express fashion style. To make a bold fashion statement consider wearing the following striped t-shirts.

Men’s Striped T Shirt

This V-neck vertical striped t-shirt for men works for all body types. The muted color will match all your favorite jeans and pants. The reverse stripe design prevents your t-shirt from looking plain and boring.

mens striped t shirt

Red and White Striped T Shirt

You can never have too many striped t-shirts because they come in so many different colors. This red and white t-shirt has a vintage 1980s look which is perfect for ladies who loves retro styles. It is made using cotton material which is comfortable and has a button up element to give the top an edge.

red and white striped t shirt

Blue and White Striped T Shirt

If you love striped t-shirts but prefer subtle colors, then this blue and white striped t-shirt is a must have for anyone who wants to look stylish. The half-length sleeves provide extra warmth for those cold days when you do not feel like wearing a jacket. This t-shirt is made using spandex material to ensure it fits different body sizes.

blue and white striped t shirt

Striped Long Sleeve T Shirt

This long sleeve striped t-shirt gets its design inspiration from a French navy uniform. You can dress down the formal look by pairing with bold colored tights. Balance the vintage look by pairing with leather pants and sneakers or wear an overall just do not forget to tuck in the tee. You may also See Leather T Shirt

striped long sleeve t shirt


Striped T Shirt For Women

This striped t-shirts for women is chic yet classy. It features a faux leather panel on one shoulder which adds an edge to your summer look. The fabric will stretch depending on your body size. The top has a fit loose fit that goes well with skinny jeans, rugged denim shorts or tights.

striped t shirt for women

Striped Sleeve T Shirt

A t-shirt with stripes on the sleeve is great for people who want casual sports look. This shirt has a wide neckline which is perfect for layering and the bright color will make you noticeable in any crowd.

striped sleeve t shirt

Multi Coloured Striped T Shirt

Whether you want to improve your fashion style or give it as a gift for your female friend, this multicolor striped t-shirt is adorable. The different colors are only on the sleeves and have a long length that is ideal for wearing as a sweater top with leggings or tights.

multi coloured striped t shirt

V Neck Striped T Shirt

This green V-neck striped t-shirt has an oversized element that will look good on women as well as men. The V-neck will show a bit of skin, and the thin green stripes will make you stand out. You may also See Long Sleeve T-Shirt

v neck striped t shirt

A striped t-shirt in vibrant or muted shades has a youthful, carefree style that works year in year out. You can even get them as long sleeve t-shirts for those cold days when you still want to glam up your overall look. These striped t-shirts go beyond the classic black and white designs, so you are bound to get one that is comfortable and stylish for any occasion.

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