Your attire, a lot number of times, is the best reflection of your taste and personality. We communicate a lot with what we wear, and if you are looking for something fun, creative and casual, T-shirts are the way to go. Pleasant graphics, message or slogans printed across the T-shirts is a valid and inventive way to express your creative self.

If not anything, these 8, fun and creative designs will surely put a smile on your face or might even convert you into a geeky T-shirt lover. Look below for our top 8 picks and feel free to comment and add your favourite.

1. Loading Tee


As T-Shirts are a comfortable piece of clothing, they are the first pick to carry and wear during pregnancy. What better way to rejoice your motherhood than sport this loading T-Shirt with small colourful print across the belly.

2. Chalkboard Tee


This plain grey tee with a black bunny in the middle is the perfect way to tell your kids about the 90s blackboard era. And, along with this fun and important information, the bunny can act as a personal blackboard to scribble on.

3. Striped T-Shirt

striped t shirt

This striped T-shirt is an excellent and clever design, with stripes doubling up as the ripple caused in the ocean by the boat passing through. The design is smart and edgy and is also current with the much-loved stripe trend.

4. Creative T-Shirts by Luft Und Liebe


These colourful and creative T-Shirts by Luft Und Liebe are the best bright casual wear to sport with an accompanying piece of jewellery. Sport your cage T-shirt with a bird and a fish tank with a fish to create a corresponding connectivity with the clothing and the accessory. The concept is fresh and immediately catches the attention of the onlooker with its artistic simplicity.

5. Galaxy Paint T-Shirt


This galaxy print T-Shirt in the standard combination of black and white shows the impressive use of white paint bucket motif against the black galaxy backdrop.

6. Painter T-Shirt


If you love to paint or have a friend who credits himself as an amateur or professional painter, this simple design painter T-Shirt is assuredly the best gift. With a simple colour combination and design, the T-shirt gets the message across.

7. Geek BBQ T-Shirt


A perfect T-shirt for the foodie geek, need we say more.

8. Personal Trainer T-Shirt

personal tranier

This personal trainer T-shirt is as functional as creative. With 15, 30, 45 and 60-minute interval markings, the T-shirt is the perfect workout wear. The level of sweat will intimate and encourage you of the time devoted to the day’s workout.

Give an individual take to this widely worn garment, and bring out the creative in you. If you feel we left out on any of the other creative designs out there feel free to comment and add to our list.

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