Graffiti backgrounds are colorful representations of the artists love for the arts, in general, and for concept, in particular. Graffiti arts are known as the writings on the wall. They can be simple words, intricately painted images or randomly splashed colors. No matter what design they are – and despite the negative connotations attached to them – graffiti arts are here to stay. Graffiti background designs are great for wallpaper designs.

Graffiti Lettering Background

graffitti lettering background

Artistic Graffiti Background

artistic graffitti background

Street Art Graffiti Background

street art graffiti background

They are not just colorful, but they also always convey special meanings. There is no graffiti background created that is not meaningful. Some messages may be bold and challenging, but they always manage to get the meanings across. Gone are the days when graffiti designs were considered vandalism. Today, graffiti is an art. Graffiti artists are getting recognized, that is why their masterpieces are being used to decorate rooms, buildings, arenas, music studios and even some corporate business offices. You may also see Animae Backgrounds

Graffiti Wall Art Background

graffiti wall art background

Urban Graffiti Background Design

urban graffiti background

Graffiti Style Music Background

graffiti style music background

Colorful Urban Art Background Design

colorful urban art graffiti background

3D Graffiti Background Design

3d graffiti background design

Grunge Graffiti Background

grunge graffiti background

Graffiti Vibrant Background Design

graffiti vibrant background design

Street Graffiti BackGround Design

street graffiti background

Funny Graffiti Background Design

funny graffiti background

Graffiti Bird Background

graffiti bird background

Gangster Graffiti Background

gangster graffiti background

Colored Graffiti Background Design

colored graffiti background

Owl Graffiti Background Design

owl graffiti background

Hip Hop Graffiti Background

hip hop grafitti background

Graffiti Monkey Background Design

graffiti monkey background

Graffiti Spray Background

graffiti spray background

Love Graffiti Background Design

love graffiti background

Modern Graffiti BackGround Design

modern graffiti background

If you love the arts, you must consider bringing more life into your room by pasting a greatly designed graffiti background on your walls.Go a little further and use a graffiti background as your PC or smartphone’s screen saver.Do not limit yourself with simplicity. Go wild and bold. Release your inner rebel, and enjoy playing with colors and graphics. You may also see Trippy Backgrounds

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