Cool Backgrounds and Wallpapers

A background is a digital image of a drawing or photo that is used as a decorative background of a desktop user interface of mobile communication devices, electronic devises or on the screen of a computer. As most devices already come with a default picture, users have the option to customize their device and change it to fit their needs. For a computer, backgrounds are usually for the desktop as it is meant for the idle or home screen. The desktop pattern was previously referred to a small pattern that repeatedly filled the screen. Read More

What are the types of backgroundsshould I consider?

Mobile backgrounds are sized down to fit to a mobile device such as a personal digital assistant, mobile phone or digital audio player. As the height is often equal to or greater than the width. Typically, wallpapers can normally be downloaded with little to no cost from various sites for modern phones that run iOS, Android, or Windows operating systems. Smartphones allow users to grab the images online or use photos that are captured with the phone’s camera that is to be set as a background.

A live backgroundis a kind of application that is used to work on mobile devices that use the Android operating system. This works as a background as it provides the background image that is needed for the home screen as it is considered as an application that provides interacting with the touch screen and the user.

What are the forms of Backgrounds?

In iOS, animated backgrounds have been introduced in the iOS 7 and later versions. However, there are restrictions from Apple. For Android, live backgroundare introduced in Android 2.0 Éclair and leading versions as the live background is an interactive animated background that can change and react to input, similar to data or touch.

How should I choose my wallpaper?

Choose the best background to suit your interests. Go for animals in natural or sweet kittens and puppies for an adorable wallpaper. The poster image of your favorite latest movie or choose awesome backgrounds with landscapes of Paris or the beach for inspiration on your next getaway.


With new forms of background that are developed in the market, this includes background that blocks certain Wi-Fi signals and certain mobile phone signals. With interest to privacy, the wallpaper is coated with silver ink that blocks out outgoing signals.