We all need some fun and humor to spice up our life. It wouldn’t be wrong to comment that various types of funny icons are trending nowadays on different platforms such as social media, t-shirts, kid’s costumes, their accessories and on other mediums such as print media, on web pages, for online brand promotion and much more.

The demand for innovative and unique free funny icons have increased and therefore the artists and graphic designers are creating some outstanding figures which can make people laugh and at the same time have a visual appeal. Today these comic emotions are not only attracting the children but even the adults.

Funny Santa Icon Set

funny santa icon set


This funny Santa Icon set is available in the set of sixteen. Santa Claus always attracts kids on Christmas. They can be used for the commercial purpose and for custom work as well.

Magic People Icon Set

magic people icon set


This funny icon can also be used for custom work. However, for commercial use you have to obtain a license by visiting the site. It is available in a set of six icons.

Funny Easter Bunny Icon

funny easter bunny icon

There are different types of funny icons expressing different emotions. They can be categorised as Funny People Icons like the funny Santa Claus, Magic People and Ninjas etc. Funny Animal Icons like the Mad-Cats, Ducks, Dogs, Horses, Chicken, etc. Funny Bus Icons with various funny vehicles and there are many funny icons related to Monsters, Festivals, Super heroes and more. In the 21st century they have become more useful and trendy

Funny Cat shadow Icon

funny cat shadow icon


This funny cat shadow icon will certainly draw the attention of kids. This has a freeware license and can be used for commercial and custom use. It is available in six sets.

Funny Bus Icon

funny bus icon


This is yet another popular funny icon which is extensively used in the toys, kid’s clothing and other accessories. You can get it in a set of six and use it for the custom work. For commercial use visit the back link.

Funny Smiley Icon

funny smiley icon


The funny smiley icon is common these days as it is widely used in all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp.  It is available in a set of ten and used for commercial purpose.

Funny Monster Icons

funny monster icons


Now this is another funny icon that will fascinate the kids as it is mostly seen in the cartoon. It is free for non-commercial usage and contains a set of about eleven icons.

Funny Square Animal Set

funny square animal set


Nowadays the artist and the graphic designer have been creating this beautiful and eye-catching funny icon invariably used in kid’s attire, school bags, lunch boxes, and bottles. It contains a set of 50 icons. Also, can be used for custom activates.

Funny Clown Icon

funny clown icon


A clown makes people laugh and so does this funny icon named Funny Clown Icon. It can be downloaded in various file formats such as PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and others.

Funny Mask Icon

funny mask icon


This is a funny icon for free which you can download in different file formats including PNG, SVG, EPSS, and PSD. This icon is used for designing masks worn for amusements.

Funny Dog Head Icon

funny dog head icon


A dog is another figure which is commonly shown in cartoons to amuse kids and hence this funny icon has been designed with the same purpose. Again you can utilize it on costumes and accessories.

Funny Robot Icon

funny robot icon


This Funny Robot Icon will certainly allure your kids and hence it is usually used in the beautiful toys and other children items. Although the design is simple but it is elegant.

Goofy Face Icon

goofy face icon


Goofy is a famous cartoon character and by designing its face through a funny icon you will bring a smile on the kid’s face. The eyes are expressing the emotion.

Clown Face Icon

clown face icon


This funny clown face icon is designed in a simple manner although it is expressing the emotion through the eyes. The nose too is looking attractive.

Funny Animal Icon

funny animal icon


The funny animal icon has been designed to create humor and its face has been used in children books. You can it in advertisements promoting chocolates and biscuits.  

Funny Animal Head Icon

funny animal head icon


This Funny Animal Head Icon has been designed in an interesting and unique manner. It comprises of no head as such but two eyes bulging right at the center. It can make people laugh.

Funny Sheep Face Icon

funny sheep face icon


Monkey Face Outline Icon

monkey face outline icon


Funny Santa Claus Icon

funny santa claus icon


Funny Clown Icon

funny clown icon1


Funny Penguin Face Icon

funny penguin face icon


Funny Monster Icon

funny monster icon


Funny Outline Owl Icon

funny outline owl icon


Funny Hippo Head Icon

funny hippo head icon


Party Hat Funny Icon

party hat funny icon


Funny Duck Icon

funny duck icon


Outlined Funny Pig Icon

outlined funny pig icon


Funny Squirrel Icon

funny squirrel icon


Funny Cock Head Icon

funny cock head icon


The Funny icons play a vital role in our life in bringing a smile on our face; thus reducing some stress. It can be designed creatively which can express various emotions. We all use them almost every day in our lives while texting message, commenting on a post or sharing a joke with somebody.

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