Flat icons have made navigation more interesting and fun. Their simplicity makes them trendy, and even popular tech companies have embraced this icon designs in their products. What makes them a favorite to many is that they make the process of conveying an idea or message much simpler by focusing on clean minimalist style. The use of vibrant colors which are often in a contrasting shade also help these icons to create a better distinguishable experience for the users.

Business Flat Icons

business flat icons

Whether for e-commerce or web site, flat business icons can help increase traffic to your brand. The icons are simple yet have brightly contrasting colors that quickly grab attention and guide the user.

Flat Mobile Icons

flat mobile icons

Do you want icons that are user-friendly in many mobile devices? If yes, then flat mobile icons are perfect for you. This set has 15 flat mobile communication icons which work on smartphones, tablets, and cell phones.

Flat Social Media Icons

flat social media icons

From Yahoo, Myspace, Linked into Facebook, this set of flat social media icons is user-friendly. It has 60 icons which are ready to use and has a customizable color palette that you can edit in any way you want.

Flat Calendar Icon

flat calendar icon

These well designed flat calendar icons will make planning your days so much fun. The simple design with unique vibrant yet contrasting colors will make each date pop.

Flat Computer Accessories Icons

flat computer accessories icons

Simple and useful, this flat computer accessories icon set is perfect for anyone who wants to make their web pages easier to navigate. They feature different icons like mouse pad and control panel.

Round Flat Avatar Icons

round flat avatar icons

These 108 colorful flat and round icons are designed for use in a website as well as mobile applications. The icons feature people faces in high-resolution JPG images.

Travel Flat Icons

travel flat icons

Easy to download and use, this set is perfect for anyone who needs their travel project or design to stand out. It features cable car icon, restaurants icon, tree icons and other useful icons that makes vacationing easier.

Flat Weather Icons

flat weather icons

If you need to know how the weather is going to be for a particular day, then opt for flat weather icons. From sunny, raining to cloudy, this set even includes temperature readings.

Flat Camera Icon

flat camera icon

To easily access the camera on your various devices you need these flat camera icons. You can use these icons for both your personal and commercial projects.

Transport Flat Icons

transport flat icons

This flat icon set features clean and simple 15 color transport icons. The icons have symbols which often represent different means of transport.

Circle Flat Icons

circle flat icons

Colorful Flat Icons

colorful flat icons

Flat Line Web Icons

flat line web icons

Free Flat PSD Icons

free flat psd icons

Flat Medical Icons

flat medical icons

Animal Flat Icons

animal flat icons

Multicolor Flat Icons

multicolor flat icons

Flat Technology Icons

flat technology icons

Flat Map Pointer Travel Icons

flat map pointer travel icons

How these flat icons are useful?

Flat icons are perfect for decorative purposes. They work to make a website and applications eye-catching and more visible. They are clean, have smooth edges and tend to use shapes instead of realistic images. Using flat icons on your website or design will improve the user experience for your guest which can result in more traffic towards your web page. They tend to match any unique visual branding hence you can use them on any social media platform.

Whether for a mobile device or web site, flat icons are the hot trend that is not likely to fade anytime soon. These icons feature flat graphics and bright colors that put more focus on usability. With many people using social media, you need social media icons that motivate users to click your call to action.

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