Icons are a great thing to incorporate into many different areas on a business; whether you have created an app, developed a game, or produced a new product, and icon can help you to sell and advertise. An icon is a small image that is highly recognisable and immediately associated with your company. This list has put together some great icons to give you ideas and inspiration to develop your own icon for your company and product.

Flat Icon Designs

These flat icon designs follow the pattern of an iPhone app design, except they use a plain, block coloured background and simple white image. These icons are great for smart phone apps, or apps on a laptop or tablet, as they are clear and show what the app does.

Flat Mobile Icon Designs

flat mobile icon designs

Flat Social Media Icon Designs

flat social media icon designs

Flat Flag Icons

flat flag icons

App Icon Designs

These app icons use the image of what the app does, such as a clock or a phone, so that it clearly portrays to the reader what the app does. These app icons are very cute cartoon styled images, perfect for any phone application.

Android App Icon Designs

android app icon designs

iPhone App Icon Designs

iphone app icon designs

Food Products Icon Designs

food products icon designs

Product Box Icon Designs

product box icon designs

New Product Icons

new product icons

iPhone Icon Designs

These icon designs take inspiration from the iPhone application icon designs, and put an interesting twist on the, turning them into flat icons, rather than 3D icons. These icons are a beautiful way to create a different look for your phone or app.

iPhone IOS Icon Designs

iphone app icon designs1

iPhone Game Icon Designs

iphone game icon designs

Social Media Icon Designs

This group of social media icons takes the famous social media platforms and turns their icons into flat, 2D icons. This is a cute twist to the well-known icons, which are still instantly recognizable.

Black and White Social Media Icons

black and white social media icons

Round Social Media Icons

round social media icons

Transparent Social Media Icons

transparent social media icons

Heart Icon Designs

These heart icons are a pretty way to incorporate hearts into a business logo or app design, whilst still being subtle and having other meanings to the icon also. These icons are great for a charitable business.

Hand Drawn Heart Icon Designs

handdrawn heart icon designs

Broken Heart Icon Designs

broken heart icon designs

Red Heart Icon Designs

red heart icon designs

Calendar Icons

These calendar icons are simple cartoon images of calendars that can be incorporated into a number of different app designs for a customisable calendar app on your phone or tablet.

Wall Calendar Icon Designs

wall calendar icon designs

Calendar App Icons

calendar app icons

Blank Calendar Icons

blank calendar icons

Hotel Icon Designs

These icons are perfect for use in the designing of a hotel. They are simple black and white 2D images that can be used on doors and on different hotel advertising to show where things are in the hotel.

Vector Hotel Icons

vector hotel icons

Hotel Service Icons

hotel service icons

Computer Icons

These computer icons are simply 2D black and white images on a grey button. They are perfect for an old style icon, as they look like the old computer buttons, giving them a very retro feel.

Classic Computer Icons

classic computer icons

Music Icons

These music icons are 2D grey music icons of different musical instruments and elements. They are ideal for use in an app development, or on different packaging to show what is inside.

Circle Music Icons

circle music icons

Music Player Icons

music player icons

Lock Icon Designs

These lock icon designs are a simple design of black and white 2D locks in different shapes. They could be incorporated into a gaming application and many other options, as their simplicity makes them very versatile.

Glossy Lock Icons

glossy lock icons

Open and Closed Lock Icon Designs

open and closed lock icon designs

Camera Icons

These icons are a mix between digital cameras, security cameras and camera app designs. This collection of icons gives you all of the choice that you could need to find a camera icon that is right for your brand or product.

Retro Camera Icons

retro camera icons

Security Camera Icons

security camera icons

Video Camera Icons

video camera icons

Home Icon Designs

This home icon design set is a simple set of 2D grey images that represent different buildings and houses that people live in. These icons can be incorporated into the designs of a gaming app, as well as its icon.

White Home Icon Designs

white home icon designs

Mobile Home Icons

mobile home icons

Flat Home Icon Designs

flat home icon designs

Arrow Icons

This set of arrow icons gives you all of the arrows icons you could need to incorporate into different packaging, advertising, and many other areas. The arrows are 2D and in grey, but can be customised to fit with your brand and colours.

Transparent Arrow Icons

transparent arrow icons

Navigation Arrow Icons

navigation arrow icons

Vector Arrow Icons

vector arrow icons

Emoji Icons

These emojis are the well-known iPhone emojis of the little yellow faces, animals, plants, and many more. These emojis can be incorporated into text posts, social media postings, and other online forums to give a cute and funny feel to the post.

Naughty Emoji Icons

naughty emoji icons

Emoji Face Icons

emoji face icons

Round Emoji Icons

round emoji icons

Folder Icon Designs

These folder designs are coloured folders available to download, and they allow you to customise your desktop to hold the things that are most important and make them stand out.

Games Folder Icon Designs

games folder icon designs

Windows Folder Icons

windows folder icons

Tree Icons

These tree icons are cute 2D cartoon images of different species of tree. They are ideal to use in the development of apps, games, and other online forums, as they are very cute digital trees.

Palm Tree Icons

palm tree icons

Pine Tree Icon Designs

pine tree icon designs

Family Tree Icons

family tree icons

Food Icon Designs

These icons are 2D coloured circles with white images of different kinds of foods in the centre. These icons can be used on smart phone apps, on menus, and in many other food related areas of business.

Fast Food Icon Designs

fast food icon designs

Healthy Food Icons

healthy food icons

Flat Food Icons

flat food icons

Business Icons

These business icons are 2D images of many different areas of business and can easily be incorporated into the design of you business. These icons can be used in advertising, on packaging or leaflets in order to show the intention of the business.

Small Business Icons

small business icons

Business Card Icons

business card icons

Business Management Icons

business management icons

Club Icons

These club icons are all of the different parts of a club in simple white 2D images on coloured backgrounds. These icons can be used in the desiging of a club, the advertising, and many other areas of the business.

Night Club Icons

night club icons

Strip Club Icons

strip club icons

This list has been developed with the businessperson in mind. We hope that this list has helped you to find some of the best icon ideas to develop an icon that will fit the style and theme of your business or product, whilst still catching the eye and attention of many potential customers.

How are icons used? Icons are small images that are easily associated with your company and with your product so that it is easily recognisable. The icon represents what your product or business does, and should show the general niche area that your product or business falls into. Icons are used as the face of apps and are then developed into advertising, but they can also represent what a product is, or what it can do.

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