There is no computer system which does not have folders in it. Have you ever looked the Folder icon closely and wondered: Why do you look so boring? Have you been ever by hit the desire to change the folder icons into something more appealing and interesting? Good news is, the designers have heard you. There is absolutely no dearth of innovative, creative, and unique folder icons you could use to deck up the screen of your devices. To give you more fodder about folder icons, this post is all about that.

Nine Folder Icons with Symbols

Grey Colour Folder Icons

Unique Icons with 8 Different Colours

Firstly let’s ensure the basics are right. By definition, a folder is virtual place where of all of your system files, programs, applications and other data can be organized and stored. A folder can have sub-folders and they can be moved around, replaced, copied etc. With so many types of folders in your computer, wouldn’t you love it if you had a different icon for denoting different categories of folders?

Pixel Perfect Folder Icon

Blue Colour Folder Icon

8 Nice 3d Folder Icons

Vector Folder Icons

40 Wood Folders Icons

Yellow Colour Folder Icons

Colorful Bright Folder Icons Set

30 Free Movie Folder Icons

Shaded Folder Icon Set

Vintage Folder Icon Set

Unique looking folder icons not only personalize your system to look more styled and organized, it also gives you an opportunity to differentiate and know better instantly?

Set of Vector Folder Icons

3D Folder Icon

120 Simple Flat Folder Icons

Folder Icon Isolated on Blue Background

9 Windows Style Folder Icons

30 Unique Folder Icons Set

15 Folder Icons with 7 Different Colours

20 Security Folder Icons

Music Folder Icon

Folder icons come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Depending on your taste for such small details, you can have an assortment of folder icons all over the place in your computer. For one thing, your computer is surely going to spark more visual interest than ever before. Go ahead, take a look at the compilation of the new age folder icons which have an instant hit.

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