45+ Best Business and Finance Icon Designs

The business and finance world is quite competitive. It’s for this reason that any design project in such sectors should be created in such a way that it becomes highly captivating to the target audience. Any corporate or financial institution that will entice the audience via its impressive designs would definitely stand the immense competition hence manage to remain atop its competitors.

Finance Icon Set

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Business Icon Set

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Business People Icon Set

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There are quite a number of business and finance icons that designers can use to create highly enticing corporate applications, websites, blogs, presentations, etc. One good thing about these icons is that they come with some degree of universality that makes them ideal for a global audience.

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Business Meeting Icons

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Business People Icon Set

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Free Business Icon Set

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Business Silhoutte  Icons

Business Silhoutte Icons Download

Business Graph Chart Icons

Business Graph Chart Icons Download

Business Chart Icon Set

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Business Man Icons

Business Man Icons Download

Business and Finance Icon Set

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Clipboard Icon Set

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Finance Icon Set

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Trendy Money Icons

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Business Icons Vector Pack

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Free Business Icon Set

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Free Finance Icon Set

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Free Silhoutte Icons

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Entrepreneur Icon Set

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Business Stats Icon

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Business Pie Chart Icon

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Business Presentation icon

Business Presentation Icon Download

Money Stack Icon

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Bank Building Icon

Bank Building Icon Download

Business Profits Icon

Business Profits Icon Download

Business Relation Icon

Business Relations Icon Download

Business Portfolio Icon

Business Portfolio Icon Download

Business Data icon

Business Data Icon Download

Business Discount icon

Business Discount Icon Download

Currency Value Icon

Currency Value Icon Download

Financial Graph Icon

Financial Graph Icon Download

Finance and Business Tools Icon

Finance and Business Tool Icon Download

Each of the icons communicates an important message instantly, something that makes your app or brand easily recognizable or popular among your target audience. For a business dealing with office supplies, icons featuring office items such as pens, folders, paper clips, etc will be ideal for projects related to it.

Target Icon

Business Target Icon Download

Business Salutation Icon

Business Salutation Icon Download

Business Communication Icon

Business Communication Icon Download

Free Credit Card Icon

Free Credit Card Icon Download

Suitcase and Documents Icon

Suitcase and Document Icon Download

Financial Bar Graph Icon

Financial Bar Graph Icon Download

Business Idea Icon

Business Idea Icon Download

Presentation Icon

Business Presentation Icon Download

Free Statistics Icon

Free Statistics Icon Download

Signing Contract Icon

Signing Contract Icon Download

Task List Icon

Task List Icon Download

Free  Task Icon

Free Task Icon Download

Icons featuring credit cards, ATMs, etc could be ideal for use in a design project related to finance, while one featuring a briefcase, businessman, a business presentation, graphic, pie chart, address book, etc will be perfect for use in a corporate-related project.

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