A dog is indeed one of the most popular pets with most of us. Perhaps this is the reason why dog icons are among the most popular in the world of graphic design. The icons come in a wide range of styles. The assorted styles have found application in conveying message in a number of ways in different fields. There are icons portraying an entire dog in assorted styles. These styles come in different sizes and even different designs depicting the wide range of dog varieties that exist out there. You may also see Animal Icons

Dog Paw Icon

dog paw icon

Simple Dog Icon

simple dog icon

Sitting Dog Icon

sitting dog icon

Such icons can be designed to portray a barking dog, running dog, a seated or resting dog all to convey an intended message. Careful choice of colour can make the intended message to be more vivid. You may also see Candy Icons

Barking Pet Dog Icon

barking pet dog icon

Dog Face Icon

dog face icon

Walking with Dog Icon

walking with dog icon

Pet Care Icon

pet care icon

Feeding Dog Icon

feeding dog icon

Hound Dog Icon

hound dog icon

Staring Dog Icon

staring dog icon

Cute Puppy Icon

cute puppy icon

Some of the dog icons will portray a head only instead of an entire dog. And just like with the entire dog icons, these icons come in different styles too. Some come with drooped ears while some will have erect ears.

Simple Dog Face Icon

simple dog face icon

Dog Side View Icon

dog side view icon

Dog Forbidden Icon

dog forbidden icon

Dog Pet Allowed Icon

dog pet allowed icon

Dog Head Outline Icon

dog head outline icon

Guide Dog Icon

guide dog icon

Frustrated Dog Face Icon

frustrated dog face icon

Domestic Dog Head Icon

domestic dog head icon

Dog Icon Set

dog icon set1

Some of the icons can be designed to give some facial expression portraying the intended message. This may include a frowning face, a jovial expression, frustrated face, neutral facial expression, a barking dog, etc. You may also see Pizza Icons

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