With the abundant availability of edibles online nowadays, food icons have become an integral part of any food-oriented website. Be it pizzas or any other form of fast food ? hamburgers, French fries and hotdogs, ordering them online and getting delivery at your doorstep is no big deal. That?s why for any online food vendor, having the right food icons on his website that project his exact nature of business and what he has to offer is so important.

Pizza Vector Icons Set

pizza vector icons set

A set of black and white graphics depicting a pizza, a pizza cutter, pizza slice and pizza box that may be useful for any pizza site. The shapes are fully Vector with all groups having names. All elements can be easily modified in terms of size and colors. Graphic files in EPS, AI and JPG.

Pizzeria Icons Set

pizzeria icons set

20 multi-color icons that would be ideal for any Pizzeria and comprise pizza oven, sit & eat facilities, whole pizza and pizza slices and delivery mode. All vector illustrations are isolated and flat. Comes with editable EPS files and rendered in the JPG format. Adaptable to Adobe CS version and pixel dimensions are 4500 px X 4500 px.

Sliced Pizza Icons

sliced pizza icons

Here?s a set of 9 icons depicting whole Pizzas and their sliced versions also. The colorful icons have been created on a stark white background that makes them stand out. Vector illustrated and the file types are EPS, JPG and All Files. The file size is 4.42 MB.You may also see Tasty Icons

Pizza Delivery Boy Icons Set

pizza delivery boy icons set

Set off 9 colorful pizza icons against a vibrant golden yellow background comprising the delivery boy, his scooter, the telephone, flat pizza box etc. Fully editable isolated icons that are vector illustrated. Graphic files are Vector EPS and JPG Image with non-layered files. Adaptable to Adobe CS version.

Flat Pizza Icons with Names

flat pizza icons with names

A colorful set of 6 whole pizza and pizza slice icons isolated on a white background with isolated toppings of Salamai, Margarita, Hawaii, Seafood Cocktail, Diabolo, and Marinara. There is a vector format file (EPS 10), JPEG file for large resolution and the file size is 3.88 MB. All files are layered with 300 DPI resolution.

Pizza Makers Flat Icons Set

pizza makers flat icons set

A 16-icon set that depicts the Pizza maker?s kitchen and food on a color background of scarlet, green, red and yellow with long shadows cutting diagonally across the flat icons. The files are non-layered and vector illustrated. Comes with editable EPS files and rendered in the JPG format. Adaptable to Adobe CS Version and pixel dimensions are 5000 px X 5000 px. You may also see Kitchen Icons

Pizza Line Icons

pizza line icons

Set of 12 line drawn pizza icons on a blurred background of luminous blue. Suitable for mobile interface, it comes with a fully editable EPS10 vector file and one JPEG file for preview. The file size is 2.79 MB.

Food and Drink Hand Drawn Icons

food and drink hand drawn icons

Set of 9 food icons comprising, a bagel, hamburger, drink, cupcake, French fries, fried egg, pizza slice and hot dog suitable for any fast food vendor site. The files are layered and editable EPS and rendered in the JPG format. Adaptable to Adobe CS version.

Pizza Web Icons Set

pizza web icons set1

A set of 20 Pizza web icons that are fully editable. EPS10 vector file available for editing image. Other files include one JPEG for previewing; one AI file, one PSD file, one SVG file and one PDF file. Round icons have a pixel size ranging from 32 px X 32 px to 96 px X 96 px for each separate icon. Square icons: Pixel size ranges from 64 px X 64 px to 512 px X 512 px for each separate icon. The file size is 4.7 MB and all files are layered.

Pizza Slice Icon

pizza slice icon

Modern Pizza Icons Set

modern pizza icons set

Flat Pizza Icons Set

flat pizza icons set

Fast Food Icons Collection

fast food icons collection

Cheese Meal Pizza Icon

cheese meal pizza icon

Delicious Food Icons

delicious food icons

Pepperoni Pizza Icon

pepperoni pizza icon

Pizza Burger Icons

pizza burger icons

All food icons, be it for pizzas or any other form of fast food have a unique significance applicable to different food sites. These icons, moreover come with the text facility to connect a page of the website to another page.

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