Flat illustrations are designs stripped down to the basics, removing any three-dimensional elements. The bottom line, they are simplified patterns that focus on usability to create an efficient design. Flat illustrations are in two-dimensional form and in some cases, presented in an isometric view. Flat illustrations focus on user experience and while this design style is a classic it is still relevant and mostly used by designers up to these days.

We’ve put together this sample illustration designs to help you work out the best option for your project.

Flat Business Meeting

flat business meeting

Mobile Apps Illustration

mobile apps illustration

E-Commerce Flat Illustration Concept

e commerce flat illustration concept

Office Design Flat Vector Illustration

flat office design vector

Modern Flat Design

modern flat design

A Crash Course in Flat Design

Flat design has been around since the 80’s before it became a huge trend in the design community. It was created due to some limitations in technology such as complex effects, textures and shapes. Flat design became a trend since Microsoft applied this design style to their UI (user interface) and to Microsoft products like Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 OS.

Flat designs reached its peak when Apple released their iOS 7 stripping down their “skeuomorphic” design to a more clean, crisp and two-dimensional designs. Following Microsoft and Apple, Google applied flat designs to their web pages and applications and releasing it as Material Design.

Pros of Flat Illustration Design

Universal. The minimalist design of flat illustrations can be easily translated. Flat illustrations are perceived to be more honest since it is presented in a straightforward way.

Focal point is on the content. Applying flat illustrations to your website or application improves user-readability. With flat icons and vectors, users could navigate and comprehend the content whether they are using desktops or mobile devices.

Faster load times. Slow websites, applications and web sheets tends to bounce off the users away. Since there is little to no illustrations web pages or style sheets will load faster.

Medical Team Vector Illustration

medical vector illustration

Modern Office Flat Illustration

designers office flat illustration

Business Concept Flat Design

flat business concept

Office Interior Workspace Design

office interior workspace design

Urban Landscape Illustration

flat landscape illustration

Isometric Illustration

isometric illustration

Office Desk Flat Vector Illustration

office flat vector illustration

Flat Designed Restaurant and Shops

flat designed restaurant and shops

Illustration Concept of Computers and Mobile Devices

flat computers and connected mobile devices

SEO Optimization Process Design Illustration

seo optimization process design

Flat Business Analysis Design

flat business analysis design

Origami Abstract Vector Illustration

abstract vector illustration

Fashion Symbols Vector Design

fashion flat design vector

Cons of Flat Illustration Design

It can fall flat. Flat designs may have difficulty in conveying a message. Unlike skeuomorphic design, it does make tools easy to use. Users might have a difficulty on what is clickable.

Trendy aesthetics. As said earlier, flat design has been around for decades but trends seem to go on a cycle. Flat design is a trend to the design industry these days. Companies and businesses have been applying it to their corporate or personal mediums.

Lacking in the personality department. It lacks dimensions, as it’s called. Luckily, flat design incorporates long shadows creating a little bit of perspective and dimension.

Do I Need to Use Flat Design Templates? We say, Yes!

It is time-saving. Using flat illustration templates saves time because it has been pre-designed. Users don’t have to start from scratch.

Customizable. Flat illustration templates are pre-designed but they are customizable. Users can alter their color, font and even their composition.

Gives consistency. If you are having trouble crafting flat designs from scratch, templates are of great help, since these templates are pre-designed with a theme and with better quality.

Money saver. While paid templates are great, there are inexpensive and better quality flat illustrations, if you know where to look.

You may review these flat vector designs for your next project.

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