If you are having trouble crafting a layout, layout templates are a go-to. Crafting a layout establishes the overall appearance by setting elements in order achieving a smooth flow. Layout designs depend on your preference or creative brief. We’ve prepared more than fifteen layout design inspirations for your next design project. Scroll down below to get your creative juices flowing.

Magazine Layout

magazine layout

Modern Design Layout

modern design layout

Social Media Layouts

social media layouts

Annual Report Indesign Layout

annual report indesign layout

Instagram Travel Layouts

travel layouts

A heads up on creating layout faster!

Layout templates are pre-designed and customizable templates, making it easier for any user to customize any design element like color, fonts or images used on it. Layout templates are readily available when you need them. There are layout templates that are downloadable in PSD, HTML and in indd (InDesign file) format. Layout templates are customizable and while other requires payment upon downloading there are also free templates available.

Keep in mind to save your work every time because software like Adobe Dreamweaver (used for HTML) and Adobe IndDesign doesn’t have an autosave feature, unlike Adobe Photoshop. When your work is completely done, remember to save your work in a package. This utility saves all linked graphics, images and fonts used in your in file.

If you need some layout inspiration, we’ve put on sample business layout designs for you to use in your next business project. Scroll through the rest of this article to see more!


Restaurant Placemat Menu Layout Design

restaurant menu layout design

Corporate Newsletter Layout

corporate newsletter layout

Brochure Design Layout

brochure design layout

Minimal Portfolio Layout

minimal portfolio layout

Abstract Design Layout Template

abstract design layout template

Business Layout PPT Template

business layout ppt template

Modern Newspaper Layout Design

modern newspaper layout design

Page Layout Design

page layout design

Business Layouts

business layouts

Consider these Themes for Your Next Project

The layout designs we have on this webpage are downloadable and easy to customize to your liking. As you can tell, we these layout designs follow any of these themes:

A minimalist layout is stripping any unnecessary elements and utilizing whitespace positively. This type of layout encourages purpose and it may seem simple and easy but there is a lot of thought put into the design. You may apply contrast, scale, texture etc., to amp up your design.

Picture window
The focal point of this layout is the generous display of the image while leaving a small space for the copy (written material for ads). This layout is widely used in magazines and in advertisements and is great to use when you want emphasis on the picture.

This type of layout is inspired after the Dutch Painter, Piet Mondrian. Mondrian’s famous work involved using thick black lines filled in with solid primary colors divided into vertical and horizontal rectangles and squares. Mondrian layout is perfect for a proportional and conceptual layout.

Frame layout
This layout is characterized by enclosing elements in a border. The composition of the frame layout focuses on a prominent element, which is clever when your ad or poster is placed on a crowded page.

This is also known as comic strip layout and contains panels differing in sizes and shapes. Each panel is associated with captions and explained visual content. Multipanel layout tells a narrative, comparing different perspectives and applying a theme.

Silhouette layout is usually minimal in design and elements create a recognizable shape and relies on the negative space to create a focal point of isolated elements. This is a great layout if you want emphasis on your product.

Big type layout
This layout grabs the attention of the readers by using extra large fonts and giving emphasis on the headline, sometimes the brand’s tagline. Visuals are little of no importance in this type of layout.

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