Among all the beautiful features that are present in a house, the roof terraces play the most important role that can make your home look more beautiful. Nowadays, modern roof design is included as the architectural elements that come with certain styles. The patio roof is one of the modern forms of contemporary houses that consists of roof terraces that are mostly flat. In order to transform a flat roof into a roof garden or a lovely terrace, all you need is some outdoor furniture. You can spend your wonderful winter days in the cottage roof. Green roof terraces are the most common form as it supports the growth of plenty of grass and vegetation. You need to have a creative sight in order to decorate your house in a more beautiful way.

Modern Flat Roof Design

modern flat roof design

The spectacular roof can be prepared in combination with the pool. Riverside Residences have got such a contemporary look at the exterior part. The roofs may be flat, but various kinds of designs can give it a new variety of looks.

Modern Butterfly Roof

modern butterfly roof

Design by Camber Construction

A relaxing and calm internal decor can be made by making a perfect combination with the green elements of nature. The bow tie houses in Oakland hills gas such a contemporary outlook, especially in San Francisco.

Modern Shed Roof Idea

modern shed roof idea

A contemporary roof terrace can have a well-defined coverage of asymmetrical linkage of many lines and other different forms of sculptural forms. Such sheds are really too good.

Modern Patio Roof Design

modern patio roof design

You can make a spacious roof terrace by holding a cozy alcove that is usually hidden from unwanted views. This portfolio is drawn from the designs that were commonly observed during the mid-century. Such designs are provided at the exterior.

Modern Balcony Roof

modern balcony roof

You can even decorate your apartment by making a roof terrace that persists with a very wonderful acquisition. This is regardless of the location.

Modern Pitched Roof Design

modern pitched roof design

The layout or design of the roof terrace must be in favor of the panoramic views of the house. It is commonly observed in the contemporary residence of the Bradner that establishes contemporary fittings.

Modern Metal Roof

modern metal roof

The metal roof is an indication of strength and durability. It also looks shiny when sunlight falls on the bright metal surface.Driveway contemporary lets an impact of modern tolerance.

Sloping Modern Roof Design

sloping modern roof designs

This kind or pattern of the roof permits the sloping down of the rain water. Thus, rain water does not get accumulated at the top of the roof terrace and finally the water descends down.

Modern House Roof Idea

modern house roof idea

You should design your roof in accordance with the pattern of your house. You must also judge it according to the look or the appearance of the house structure.

Modern Steel Roof Design

modern steel roof design

Steel roof exhibits a much more durable characteristic than any other kind of room variety has porch house. Farmhouses also need such kinds of intensities that vary from a place as well as preparation.

Exterior Modern House Roof Idea

exterior modern house roof idea

Small Modern Roof Design

small modern roof design

Classic Modern Roof Design

classic modern roof design

Design by Acacia Joinery Pty Ltd

White Modern Roof Design

white modern roof design

Curve Modern Roof Design

curve modern roof design

Poolside Modern Roof Design

poolside modern roof design

Cool House Modern Roof Design

cool house modern roof design

If your house is somehow situated in a more secluded region than the roof terrace can be the only site from where you are able to admire the true beauty of the landscape. The front porch roof works the best but these elements are closely associated to the entire decor of the house. You must trace the myriad of various kinds of contemporary designs where the roofs are made of organic, sculptural, pitched or flat varieties.

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