City living is not as hard as you think. For those green thumbs who live in the city, they think it is almost the end of the world. This is mainly because having a garden in the middle of the city these days is almost impossible. Maintaining their love for gardening may appear to be difficult in an area that lacks a yard. However, it is not entirely true. For those people with rooftops, there is a chance for you.

Secret Modern Roof Top Garden

secret modern roof top garden

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Outdoor Rooftop Deck Gardens

outdoor rooftop deck gardens

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Rooftop gardens are mostly found in urban environment and in the middle of the chaotic cities. Green thumbs never stopped thinking of ways on how they can keep their love and passion in an environment where it is almost impossible to do. However, rooftop gardens are a bit trickier to make compared to the ones in the backyard. You will have to buy the soil compatible for each plant or the temperature, etc. But a rooftop garden can make great use of an unused and almost abandoned space.

Elegant Roof Top Garden

elegant roof top garden

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Urban Rooftop Garden

urban rooftop garden

Photo By: Mataverde Ipe

Contemporary Roof Top Shed Garden

contemporary roof top shed garden

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Mixture of Colorful Plants Roof Top Garden

mixture of colourful plants roof top garden

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Even though designing a rooftop garden is a tough work most of the time, it is also a stress reliever and it restores the relationship bonds of families. Firs and foremost to consider when making a rooftop garden is to carefully pick and select the materials that you are going to use there. Since its a rooftop and is usually windy, you will want to protect the passersby from any falling things. So proper instalment and securely fencing of everything is absolutely a must.

Contemporary Urban Deck Roof Top Garden

contemporary urban deck roof top garden

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Comfortable Roof Top Garden

comfortable roof top garden

Tyrone Mitchell Photography

Awesome Secret Roof top Garden

awesome secret roof top garden

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Comfy Roof Top Garden

comfy roof top garden

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Modern Glass Roof Top Garden

modern glass roof top garden

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Party Deck Roof Top Garden

party deck roof top garden

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Modern Roof Top Garden

modern roof top garden

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Amazing Roof Top Garden

amazing roof top garden

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Scenic Roof Top Gardens

scenic roof top gardens

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Private Roof Top Garden Design

private roof top garden design

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Stunning Roof Top Garden Designs

stunning roof top garden designs

Matthew Cunningham Landscape Designs

Modern Style Beautiful Roof Top Garden

modern style beautiful roof top garden

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Cool Roof Top Garden

cool roof top garden

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Here comes the fun part – designing. Start with choosing the plants that are suitable for your area which you can grow there. Installing sprinklers may be done but is not compulsory as long as you are able to maintain and take care of the whole garden. Some rooftop garden designs make room for furniture and sheltering. To make the garden look stylish, you can also put some lights on the sides of the entire rooftop, or make any kinds of additions for improvements.

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