Looking to do something unique with your big garden space? Well, you should start thinking in the lines of garden arbors. Easy to built, the end result will always be a fascinating addition to your garden space. Depending on the landscaping and plantation you have in place, the arbor can be a either a decorative or a functional piece in your garden or both. Let’s take a look at some example to understand it better.

Small Garden Arbor Ideas

small garden arbor ideas

Design by : Garden Tech Horticultural Services LLC

As you can see, an arbor is just like a decorative entrance to your garden space. If you have a well fenced boundary for your garden, the arbor could act as an entrance to the space. This not only enhances the aesthetics of the space but also acts as a functional structure.

Rustic Garden Arbor Idea

rustic garden arbor idea

Design by : Garden Tech Horticultural Services LLC

A redwood themed arbor can be a beautiful and contrasting addition to your green wild backyard space. If you are privileged enough to have a garden that offers a lot of greenery in various shades, the only earthly choice of color would be a redwood. This picture should give you an idea about what we mean.

Garden Wood Arbor Design

garden wood arbor design

Design by : Katrina Fairchild

An Arbor could be one of the most exciting DIY projects you can take up. Involve your kids and spouse to lend a hand in creating a royal entrance to your private garden space. The look it achieves would be exciting. You can also see Rock Wall Garden Designs

Metal Garden Arbor

metal garden arbor


Several homeowners also go for customized metal arbors to mark the pathway into and inside their garden space. Using metal has the advantage of durability and a rustic appeal. As opposed to wood, they are stronger and will be easier to come across.

Diy Garden Arbor Idea

diy garden arbor idea


A very simple design, this would be an arbor that anyone can make at home. All you would need are some well cut planks, some big nails and a hammer to put the arbor in place. This arbor applies even to smaller gardens. Well, make it your weekend project!

White Garden Arbor

white garden arbor


For those privileged enough to have dense green foliage for a garden, a white painted arbor can be an exciting addition here. Acting as the entrance to the garden, it can also be the meeting point of your white fencing to mark your garden boundary.

Roof Garden Arbor Design

roof garden arbor design


There are several homeowners that don’t have the opportunity to create a dense garden space outdoors. Well even a small space can be turned exciting by installing a roof garden. As shown in this example, the arbor here acts both as a platform for green surrounding and an arbor. You can also see Succulent Garden Designs

Japanese Garden Arbor

japanese garden arbor


The Pagoda is a well established symbol for the Japanese people. Well, you won’t need to build yourself a temple to bring the symbolism into your private space. An arbor would be an exciting way to both represent your culture and also create the most spiritual gate to your Japanese garden!

Narrow Garden Arbor

narrow garden arbor


For a smaller garden space, this is another design for an arbor that makes sense and look exciting. Made from wood and insulated with rich brown paint, it could as well be a DIY project in the weekends. Just have the plank cut in the right sizes and shapes and you and your kids can do the assembly yourself!

Rose Garden Arbor Idea



An arbor can also be an exciting structure to guide the way to a sprawling rose garden. While rose bushes and creepers can itself decorate the arbor all around, as seen in this example, it could be the passage to more surprises and colors.

Garden Arbor Design

garden arbor design


Traditional Garden Arbor Design

traditional garden arbor design

Design by : Roger Webster Garden Design

Modern Metal Garden Arbor

modern metal garden arbor

Design by : Vicreations Inc

Amazing Garden Arbor



Floral White Garden Arbor



Black Arbor Garden

black arbor garden


Outdoor Garden Arbor

outdoor garden arbor

Design by : Garden Tech Horticultural Services LLC

Entrance Garden Arbor Idea

entrance garden arbor idea


We do hope that you are now more conversant with the idea of a garden arbor. Be it a rock garden or a small backyard, arbors apply to all.

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