Outdoor edging is important for a neat and more organized yard. Edging outlines spaces within your yard thus confining grass, flowers and other assorted plants to their designated spaces. The kind of edge design you select from a whole range of options available mainly depends on the purpose you want the edge to serve.

Beautiful Outdoor Pool Designs

beautiful outdoor pool designs


Serene Outdoor Edge Pool Ideas

serene outdoor edge pool ideas

Alpentile Designs

Classy Outdoor Pool Designs

classy outdoor pool designs


Edges come in all sorts of materials and styles. If you’re looking for durability, then designs with brick or metal edges will be suitable alternatives. Aluminium edging is popular due to its light and flexible nature which makes it ideal for both straight and curved segments. Steel edging is highly resistant to wear and gives your yard that impressive, professional look.

Outdoor Margin Patio Ideas

oudoor margin patio ideas


Outdoor Patio Edge Ideas

outdoor patio edge ideas


Outdoor Corner Sitting Area Ideas

outdoor corner sitting area ideas


Infinity Pool’s Limit Ideas

infinity pools border limit ideas


Cast concrete edges come with flexibility and durability that renders them suitable for outlining practically any kind of landscape. Such edging designs are especially good for meandering paths and curvy sections. Plus, the height of these edges can be scaled accordingly to accommodate assorted plant heights.

Amazing Outdoor Edge Patio Ideas

amazing outdoor edge patio ideas


Classic Outside Patio Designs

classic outside patio designs


Modish Outdoor Edgy Kitchen Designs

modish outdoor edgy kitchen designs

Sublime Architectural Interiors

Outdoor Edgy Patio Ideas

outdoor edgy patio ideas


Scenic Pool Edge Designs

scenic pool edge designs


Outdoor Corner Patio Ideas

outdoor corner patio ideas


Awesome Outdoor Corner Pool Designs

awesome outoor corner pool designs


Outdoor Corner Fire-pit Designs

outdoor corner firepit designs


Simple Outdoor Corner Fireplace Model

simple outdoor corner fiure

Brown Bros. Masonry

Outdoor Edge Patio Ideas

outdoor edge patio ideas

The Ranch Mine Architecture

Tranquil Pools Edge Ideas

tranquil pools edge ideas


Edgy Outside Patio Designs

edgy outside patio designs

Colorworks Studio

Stunning Pools Edge Ideas

stunning pools edge ideas


Outdoor Border Pool Designs

outdoor border pool designs


Outdoor Pools Edge Designs

outdoor pools edge designs

Katrina Fairchild Designs

Outdoor Pool Edge Ideas

outdoor pool edge ideas


Infinity Pool’s Edge Designs

infinity pools edge design


Lake Front Edgy End Ideas

lake front edgy end ideas

While wood is subject to rot, outdoor edging with treated wood can yield very impressive edges. Cedar wood is quite ideal for such designs as it resists rot and insect attack and can add an aesthetic value to your edge.

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