The TV Mockup has indeed been recognized and accepted as an effective marketing instrument to showcase television designs and to give the consumer a clear idea of what the product is finally going to look like before it hits the market. This is because the images on such mockup designs look absolutely professional and real. The best part of these TV Mockup designs is that they are all original, fully customizable and come with layered files that make it easy to change color and text as and when required.

LCD TV Mockup Design

lcd tv mockup design

The LCD TV Mockup Design allows you the privilege of displaying your own texts, images, GIFs, logos and designs on any modern LCD TV set. It uses Smart Objects that makes it very user-friendly and comes with 2400 px X 1800px high resolution pictures. All files are PSD and fullylayered. There is also a help file and three perspectives. The picture should ideally be 1440 px X 900 px with an aspect ratio of 8:5. Other aspect ratios of 16:9 & 16:10 will also fit very well.

Apple TV Vector Mockup

apple tv vector mockup

The Apple TV Vector Mockup comes with PSD vector file types and the file size is 15.5 MB. All files are layered which makes it easy to edit and customize colors and text. You may also see Computer Mockups

TV Screen Mockup

tv screen mockup

This Mock-up comes with PSD files which are layered and the availability of Smart Object makes them easily editable. The images are high resolution (300dpi, 3000 px X 2250 px). 3 styles are there in the Mockup also. The screen reflection is separated and the aspect ratio for the screen is 16:9. The Mockup is also photo-realistic and a Help File is also included.

Living Room TV Mockup

living room tv mockup

The Living Room TV Mockup has three PSD files that are fully layered and comes with Smart Objects that makes it easily editable. The images are high resolution with a pixel size of 3840 px X 2160 px. The resolution for the TV screen Smart Object is 1920 px X 1080 px. The template is accompanied by Help Files with backgrounds included.

Old TV Mockup

old tv mockup

The file types of this mockup is PSD and the file size is 78.26 MB. All files are layered with 300 DPI resolution images. The pixel dimensions are 4594 px X 3071 px.

Smart Screen TV Mockup

smart screen tv mockup

Use of the Smart Object in this mockup allows easy customization and it has provisions for turning on and off reflection and shadows options. There are 8 separate types to preview Best screen and the 300 DPI high-resolution images have a pixel size of 4500 px X 3000 px. The mockup is ready to print and includes a Help File (PDF) also.

Sleek Television Mockup Design

sleek television mockup design

The Mockup design for the Sleek Television has a PSD file which is layered. The screen aspect ratio is 16:9 and the file provide 6 different views with a mouse and keyboard that are usable additionally to all included views or even as a separate product. The file is also equipped to support your customized logo that can be changed easily by way of the Smart- Object which can update both the screen and mouse logo. You can even showcase your most recent homepage layout or wallpaper. The mockup is equipped to work in both print and web as also with any background. The 300 DPI resolutions are super high ( 5000 px X 4000 px) and the mockup has provisions for switching ON & OFF Reflection, Shadow and Screen Glare. Help File included. The print dimensions are 16.667×13.333

Hip TV Mockup

hip tv mockup

This TV mockup has nine 300 DPI Hi-Resolution mockups, all in psd files and uses Smart Objects for easy editing and customization. There are 2 separate versions that are color correct as also nine tiff files that are original. The pixel size is 5408 px X 3550 and the mock-up is ready to print. Smart Object allows screen replacement in every mockup. The file size is 0.54 KB and it is adaptable to Adobe CS3. All files are layered.

Samsung TV Free PSD Mockup

samsung tv free psd mockup

Photorealistic TV Mockup Design

photorealistic tv mockup design

Vintage TV Mockup

vintage tv mockup

Samsung Smart TV Mockup

samsung smart tv mockup

HD TV Screen Mockup

hd tv screen mockup

Flat Screen Television Mockup

flat screen television mockup

Free LCD TV Mockup

free lcd tv mockup

Free Apple TV Mockup

free apple tv mockup

Sleek TV Mockup

sleek tv mockup

Old TV PSD Mockup

old tv psd mockup

With the unstoppable march of computer graphics, the TV mockup is here to stay. It is a huge boon to graphics and product designers who can create as many images they want simply on their computer screens without having to make physical models like in the past, which were more expensive and time-consuming. Since the television is a product that is constantly in demand and the with the market competition the success of marketing a particular television now depends largely on its design.

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