Nature lovers find their ideal taste in garden ponds. In case you have a garden, you can design a small pond in it, so as to enhance the touch of nature around your home. Well, if you really have a taste for natural settings, there are some stunning garden pond ideas that you can incorporate. A Backyard Pond looks great when it is set in the lap of nature. Here are ten beautiful garden pond ideas that you may opt for.

Small Garden Pond Ideas

small garden pond ideas

Houses with limited space in the backyard can count on this particular design of garden pond, preferably near a patio. The garden pond is elongated in structure. It looks great when there are reddish-brown bricks for the patio. Use the same color for the deck for plants around the pond.

Contemporary Garden Pond Design Idea

contemporary garden pond design idea

Certain people have a taste for rock gardens. Garden ponds can be tailored for these settings. When you achieve the perfect blend of vegetation, rocks and water body, the garden a graceful look. This particular garden pond idea goes well in cottages, where you can deliver a fountain-theme to the garden. You can also see Urban Garden Designs

Outdoor Garden Pond

outdoor garden pond

When there is a spacious garden in your compound, you can dig a sizable pond. In this setting, the natural inclination of the land towards the pond looks beautiful. With bright green grass glorifying the garden, you will get a perfect combination as your asset. A small patio in near the pond with a wooden roof delivers a sophisticated look to the garden.

Garden Pond Waterfall Idea

garden pond waterfall idea

A perfectly crafted rock garden goes beyond the ordinary designs. You can use large granite boulders, pink in color to create a stunning beauty in your backyard. The weathered rocks look great when they are incorporated with a number of tiny ponds, and there is a natural waterfall that makes the garden a treat to cherish.

Backyard Garden Pond

backyard garden pond

A small rectangular pool of water can make an ordinary garden beautiful. There is a narrow walkway around the pond. The bright turf looks appealing, and you can arrange for blue resting chairs beside the pond to enjoy a nice place in your leisure hours.

Garden Fish Pond Design

garden fish pond design

Just imagine a perfect combination of moss-green water, whitish boulders and lush green vegetation in your backyard. This is one of the most natural settings where you can breed fish in the water. There are floating lotus leaves on the water and small waterfalls to further enhance the look.

Japanese Garden Pond

japanese garden pond

Design by : brucele

You can incorporate the garden pond design idea even in your courtyard, amid big trees. The tree-lighting looks beautiful with the pond at its foot. Green turf makes the garden further pleasing in appearance. Pave the path leading to the home with irregular pavers, and use the same grey-colored stones around the pond. There are a few bonsai plants around the pond that make it really gorgeous.

Modern Garden Pond Idea

modern garden pond idea

When you have a natural fish pond around your garden, you can use a brick paving around it to get the right match. There is a narrow passage of water that connects two water bodies. You can use boulders to have a space for footing. Colorful flowers and round floating leaves make the waterbody natural in look.

Rock Garden Pond

rock garden pond

People who feel the call of nature may incorporate a rock garden with ponds in the centre. There are a number of boulders surrounding the area. The brown and white natural combination delivers a classy look to the rock garden. The pond has a rough edge with weeds growing around it.

Outdoor Living Garden Pond Design

outdoor living garden pond design

Classic Garden Pond Design

classic garden pond design

Garden Pond Walkway

garden pond walkway

Design by : Amy Martin Landscape Design

Small Stone Garden Pond Idea

small stone garden pond idea

Water Garden Serene Pond Idea

water garden serene pond idea

Design by : Dorling Kindersley Limited

Asian Garden Koi Pond

asian garden koi pond

Design by : Chris Amaral

Small Path Garden Pond

small path garden pond

Design by : Mary Palmer Dargan

Water Pond Garden Design

water pond garden design

Raised Garden Pond Design

raised garden pond design

The designs and areas covered by the pond depend on the landscape and vegetation in the garden. There are different other types of gardens like Topiary Garden and Rooftop Garden. Apart from these, you may have your own ideas and innovations. If you have something new in mind, feel free to share them with us.

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