Fire pit designs are a huge trend this year, especially for homeowners. They are functional and work to decorate the outdoor space such as backyards. When picking your ideal fire pit, always consider the type of fuel you will be using, how frequent you have to maintain the design and the available space to ensure it is far away from combustible materials. When you select the ideal fireplace, you can comfortably entertain friends and keep warm. You may also see Coolest Fire Pit Designs

Outdoor Fire Pit Designs

An outdoor fire pit designs can either be portable or permanently built. Apart from providing warm during cold nights they decorate the patio or backyard. You can choose a fire pit grill that can come with a rotisserie for grilling or fire pit table that can hold both the food you are cooking as well provide heat.

Outdoor Patio Fire Pit Design

outdoor patio fire pit design

Photo by Mariko Reed

Backyard Fire Pit Designs

Backyard fire pits should have enough cleared space around it to ensure nothing catches fire. It should be free from branches or leaves as well as illuminate the area to provide a romantic effect. Your budget will determine the type of fire pit so you can get either a small or large design.

Backyard Stone Fire Pit Design

backyard stone firepit design

Patio Fire Pit Designs

Patio fire pit designs depend on the size of your patio and style. If your patio is small, then opt for fire bowls or portable fire pits. People with large terraces can opt for fire pits that use wood which is cost efficient and to create an authentic camping effect for all family members. You may also see Fireplace Designs

Traditional Patio Fire Pit Idea

traditional patio fire pit idea

In Ground Fire Pit Designs

Add warmth to your outdoor space by opting for in ground fire pit designs. With these designs, the flame will look as if it is originating from under the earth. They can be a simple hole dug into the ground or a brick-lined pit. Their small size helps eliminate the risk of items catching fire.

Outdoor In Ground Fire Pit

outdoor in ground fire pit

Square Fire Pit Designs

If your sitting arrangement is in a square shape, then go for square fire pit designs to show elegance and complement the décor. These designs create angles and lines that depict formal and modern arrangement. Choose to go for square fire pit designs made of stainless steel or granite to give it further a modern effect. You may also see Conversation Pit Home Designs

Simple Square Fire Pit Idea

simple square fire pit idea

Deck Fire Pit Designs

When your favorite hanging spot is the deck, then it becomes essential to add a fire pit to improve its ambiance. Decks can easily catch fire when undetected flame lands on them, so opt for a professional who can put the fire pit for you. Or opt for deck fire pit designs that come with a screen.

Luxurious Deck Fire Pit Idea

luxurious deck fire pit idea

Indoor Fire Pit Designs

Indoor fire pits can help keep your home warm hence saving the cost of using electric heaters. Go for an indoor fire pit designs that are easy to clean, resistant to rust and within your budget. If you intend to use wood, then it is essential that your fire pit has a chimney.

Contemporary Indoor Fire Pit

contemporary indoor fire pit

Open Fire Pit Designs

While open fire pit designs are the ideal traditional way of staying warm and cozy, to avoid fire breakouts go for fire pit covers, screen or grate. They work to keep your fire burning when it is rainy or windy and also prevents dirt from entering into your fire pit.

Open Patio Fire Pit Idea

open patio fire pit idea

Design by Arrow. Land + Structures

Landscape Fire Pit Designs

A small space can still feel cozy with small fire pit designs. A fire pit in a table design is ideal for this area size, and even portable bowl fire pit designs can make your place the ideal spot for your friends to hang out.

Backyard Landscape Fire Pit

backyard landscape fire pit

Small Fire Pit Designs

Landscape with a fire pit looks stunning and natural. The camp like atmosphere will attract guests and friends making fire pits the ideal ways to provide light, warmth and will seamlessly blend in with the landscape making it look like natural part of the environment.

Small Round Fire Pit Design

small round fire pit design

Round Fire Pit Designs

Round fire pit designs are ideal for bringing people together. The circular shape arrangement will ensure the warmth of the fire reaches everyone equally and also make it easier for people to socialize, drink and eat. If you are remodeling, then you can easily add gas to your permanent fire pit.

Cool Round Fire Pit Design

cool round fire pit design

Rustic Fire Pit Designs

Rustic fire pit designs provide an authentic campfire feeling where you can roast hot dogs with your loved ones. You can even go further and opt to use wood instead of gas. Choose to use smooth logs as seats and create an outline o your fire pits using stones or bricks.

Rustic Stone Fire Pit Design

rustic stone fire pit design

Modern Fire Pit Designs

A modern home requires modern fire pit designs to make your outdoor experience fun. You can customize the fire pits to fit your space size and style. You can go for a table top fire pits which use gel as a source of fuel or contemporary gas fire pits that incorporate fire and water.

Contemporary Modern Fire Pit

contemporary modern fire pit

Stone Fire Pit Ideas

Stone fire pits are efficient, easy to sustain hence have low maintenance requirements. They blend easily with natural terrain hence are suitable for people who want the camping experience right in their homes. The spot where you put your fire pit should be open and away from trees.

Round Stone Fire Pit Idea

round stone fire pit idea

Portable Fire Pit Ideas

Portable fire pits are usually made of metal to make it easier to move the fire. You can choose portable fire pits such as those made from cast iron which is strong and keeps heat for longer periods or copper which is long lasting and durable. Copper fire pits are attractive hence can act as a decorating tool.

Outdoor Portable Fire Pit

outdoor portable fire pit

How Fire Pits are Useful and Decorating Ideas

Fire pits are perfect for entertaining friends outdoors and can even work to keep you warm when you just feel like relaxing outside at night. To further look cool go for those designs that you can cook on or grill delicious food. While there are different types and sizes of fire puts, the one that works for you should meet your needs and fit the space in a way that makes it easier to move around.

Fire pits help illuminate the area, provide warmth and act as a decorative item. You can choose portable metallic designs which you can take with you during camping or opt for chimineas which are permanent installations. Whatever style and material you choose, your fire pit design should complement the theme of the space.

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