As the colder nights have finally started to dawn on us, bringing in the element of fire to your living or outdoor space is certainly a rational and satisfactory option. Providing warmth on endless nights, the fire pit also serves the purpose of social fun. Whether you are looking for something more dramatic or plan to go for something more cool and modest, these 10 fire pit designs will surely serve you with the best design inspiration.

1. Contemporary Living Room Firepit

contemporary living room firepit

This contemporary living room fire pit in a dark chocolate colour plays a brilliant contrast against the white sofa, flooring and open glass windows.

2. Indoor Wood Firepit

indoor wood firepit

If you have a well-covered patio, this indoor wooden fire pit can be a great complimenting piece even for the living room. One of the super trendy designs this indoor wooden firepit takes up less space and can be matched with multiple styles of decor.

3. Classic Beach Style Deck Fire Pit

classic beach style deck fire pit

This classic beach style deck fire pit is the best combination of fire and stone. Add an earthy look to your fire pit by including stones. Stones absorb the heat of the fire and distribute it after the fire is extinguished. Go for smooth riverbed stones to create a style that is classic and elegant.

4. Patio Firepit at Night

patio firepit at night

Add a small, casual and cosy fire pit in your patio with comfortable chairs to bring a trendy fire feature to your regular patio design. This patio fire pit will also come in handy in the special evening gatherings.

5. Balcony Firepit with Scenic View

balcony firepit with scenic view

Add a small fire pit in your balcony with smooth riverbed stones to enjoy the scenic view from your balcony even in the chilly winter evenings.

6. Modern Landscape Fire pit

modern landscape fire pit

If you are looking for something modern, go for a contemporary style, medium sized, white coloured fire pit. The neutral colour and simple shape complement well with all styles and themes of decor.

7. Porch Firepit with Colorful Ceiling Lights

porch firepit with colourful ceiling lights

Surround your fire pit in the patio with comfortable seating to make the surrounding more social and comfortable. Try and include soft lighting in the ceiling to make the ambience more warm and welcoming.

8. Contemporary Style Fire Pit

contemporary style fire pit

Include a contemporary style fire pit in your living room to give warmth to your room with simple and sleek style fire feature.

9. Industrial Pool Outdoor Fire Pit

industrial pool outdoor fire pit

Add a fire pit outside pool to attach a perfect relaxation feature for enjoying with your family and friends. Install it right at the surface level to make your swim or pool parties laid-back and fun.

10. Patio Fire Pit with Greenery

patio fire pit with greenery

Add a small fire pit in your garden with some stones to make way for a great outdoor entertaining space. Add some comfortable cushions and throw pillows for dining comfortably amidst the greenery with friends.

No matter how lavish or compact your fire pit is, make sure to take the safety in consideration while executing both the indoor or outdoor fire pits. Go for fireproof and durable material that ensures your warmth and safety.

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