Shark is a frightening yet a captivating sea animal. They are one of the most strikingly scary images to physically encounter and after Hollywood movies like “Jaws”, they have created an illusion of being the most destructive creature.  However, when it comes to tattoo, shark tattoo designs are much in vogue in ink studios across the world.

Colorful Shark Tattoo Design Idea

colorful shark tattoo art


Orlando Shark Tattoo Idea

orlando shark tattoo design


You need to come over your instinctive fear and try to understand the real symbolism and meaning behind this tattoo.In many cases people use this tattoo design to emblematize their survival from a dreadful shark attack which shows how bravely they conquered fear. Someone who has great admiration for this enigmatic creature can also showcase their love for sharks by getting inked with this design. The people who spent half of their lives voyaging and exploring the sea opt for this tattoo design as a metaphor of their own versatility for means of survival.

Black Color Shark Tattoo

black designed shark tattoo


Traditional Shark Tattoo Design on Hand

treditional shark tattoo design


Take a glimpse at some of the strikingly alluring shark tattoo designs.

Great White Sharks- They are the embodiment of ultimate predators. People whose nature reflects power, aggressiveness and efficiency are quick to get a Great White tattoo on their bodies.

Attractive Shark Tattoo on Wrist

attractive shark tattoo pattern


White Shark Tattoo Design on Hand

white shark tattoo design drawing


Awesome Shark Tattoo On Shoulders

awesome shark tattoo looks so trendy


Neo Traditional Hammerhead Shark Tattoo

neo traditional hammerhead sharkj tattoo art is simple


Tribal Shark tattoo– With globalization, tribal tattoos have become a common hot pick in the tattoo world. Wearing a Tribal Shark Tattoo is a great way to consociate with the spiritual energy of the frightful shark and native culture of a region.

Cartoon Shark Tattoo Looks So Cute

cartoon shark tattoo looks so cute


Back Side Shark Tattoo for Men

designed shark tattoo on back


Anchor Shark Tattoo Design

anchor ahsrk tattoo design trend


Dots Designed Shark Tattoo On Leg

dots design shark tattoo


Sleeve Shark Tattoo for Men

men loves anchor shart tattoo art


Multi Color Shark Tattoo Design

multi color shark tattoo design pattern


Lovely Shark Tattoo on Foot

lovely shark tattoo design on foot


Elegant Shark Tattoo Design  For Men

elegant shark tattoo design for men


3D Tattoo Design For Women

3d tattoo design for women


Shark and Anchor tattoo- This design is best for all nautical lovers.

This tattoo is trendy mostly among men, inked mainly on the biceps, shoulder and chest. But a petite shark tattoo ornate with floral or butterfly can create a feminine look.

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