From Rihanna, Kelly Rowland to Zoe Saldana, foot tattoos are becoming more popular with celebrities as well as other tattoo enthusiasts. You can select a design that complements the contours of your feet or go for a tattoo that starts at the side of the foot and flows up the legs. Whatever foot tattoo you choose, ensure it enhances the beauty of your feet. The following are tattoo designs that will look good on both men and women’s feet. You may also See Hand Tattoo Designs

Small Foot Tattoo Designs

Small foot tattoos are less painful yet carry the same symbolic meaning as large designs. They are ideal for anyone getting a tattoo for the first time or individuals who want a less conspicuous tattoo. These tattoos work to decorate the feet.

Small Butterfly Tattoo Design on Foot

small butterfly tattoo design on foot


Small Flower Foot Tattoo Design

small flower foot tattoo design


Flower Foot Tattoo Designs

Make your feet more desirable by adding flower tattoos. These designs are a favorite to girls as flowers symbolize beauty, purity and femininity. Your flower tattoo can have vibrant colors or a simple black design to portray love for subtle items.

Rose Flower Foot Tattoo Design

rose flower foot tattoo design


Hawaiian Flower Foot Tattoo Design

hawaiian flower foot tattoo design


Star Foot Tattoo Designs

Stars have a sparkle that makes them fascinating especially to girls. Getting star tattoo on the foot can be a way to show the world that you are the main superstar your life. You can even incorporate the moon or stardust to showcase your love for celestial bodies.

Small Star Foot Tattoo for Women

small star foot tattoo for women


Polynesian Foot Tattoo Designs

Polynesian tattoos continue to remain trendy due to their deep cultural roots and symbolic meanings. Suitable for men, you can add tribal tattoos on your foot such as a tiki which symbolizes protection, a Marquesan cross to depict harmony or shark teeth to portray your ferocious character.

Polynesian Foot Tattoo for Men

polynesian foot tattoo for men


Polynesian Tribal Foot Tattoo

polynesian tribal foot tattoo1


Feather Tattoo Foot Designs

Whether with a dreamcatcher design or alone, feather tattoo foot designs are attractive. You can choose different variations like a feather that traces the contours of your feet or a dramatic curved peacock feather which functions to embellish your foot.

Peacock Feather Foot Tattoo Design

peacock feather foot tattoo design


Feather Foot Tattoo for Women

feather foot tattoo for women


Foot Quote Tattoo Ideas

Feet have a long flat plane that makes them ideal for engraving quote tattoos. Guys and girls can go for quote foot tattoos to express their unique personality. You can choose a quote that depicts your personal life experience, a funny quote or inspiration text.

Foot Quote Tattoo for Men

foot quote tattoo for men


Foot Heart Tattoo Ideas

The simple symbol of the heart makes it easier to tattoo on the foot. Instead of tattooing one heart why not get matching designs on both feet in a simple outline or colored design. Place your love symbol on the top or side of the foot and include cupid’s arrow.

Heart with Flower Tattoo on Foot

heart with flower tattoo on foot


3D Foot Tattoo Designs

Give your tattoo a realistic effect by opting for 3D foot tattoo designs. These tattoos are eye-catching and will definitely put more focus on your foot. You can go for a comical character, insects, musical instruments, birds, animals or nautical items like an anchor tattoo.

3d Butterfly Foot Tattoo for Women

3d butterfly foot tattoo for women


3d Frog Tattoo on Foot

3d frog tattoo on foot


Butterfly Foot Tattoos

Colorful, cute and feminine, butterfly foot tattoos represents rebirth, transformation, beauty and freedom. Their vibrant color will make any woman’s foot the center of attention when wearing open shoes. You can even include a flower to make your design more unique.

Pink Butterfly Tattoo on Foot

pink butterfly tattoo on foot


Tribal Butterfly Tattoo on Foot

tribal butterfly tattoo on foot


Infinity Foot Tattoo Designs

Infinity foot tattoo designs feature a loop symbol that looks like number 8. The simplicity of this icon is what makes it a favorite with ladies and gentlemen of all ages. They lack intricate detailing hence are less painful and tend to depict an everlasting bond.

Double Infinity Foot Tattoo Design

double infinity foot tattoo design


Bird Foot Tattoo Ideas

Birds are winged creature that represents freedom. Getting a bird tattoo on the foot shows a free spirited person. In many cultures birds help fight evil, they act as messengers and are often associated with angels. With many bird varieties, you can choose from mythical birds like Phoenix or go for beautiful birds such as peacocks and doves.

Swallow Bird Tattoo Idea on Foot

swallow bird tattoo idea on foot


Owl Foot Tattoo Designs

The owl is a mysterious bird that stands out due to its large eyes. Men can go for an owl foot tattoo to show their hunting skills as these birds tend to hunt at night without making noise. While a design with one owl looks interesting, you need a collection of small owls to capture everyone’s attention.

Geometric Owl Tattoo on Foot

geometric owl tattoo on foot


Small Owl Tattoo Design on Foot

small owl tattoo design on foot


Cross Tattoos on Foot

Whether you prefer Celtic, tribal or gothic designs, cross tattoo on foot can be inked in many ways. You can incorporate a rosary, a crown, bible verse or a rose.

Celtic Band Tattoo Design on Foot

celtic band tattoo design on foot1


Anchor Tattoos on Foot

Anchor tattoos on foot are associated with sea life, pirates or sailors. Getting this symbol will show your determination to stay put even in tough times. You can also use the anchor to show gratitude towards the people who keep grounded or ink it due to its stunning visual appeal.

Girly Foot Tattoo Designs

Girly foot tattoos can be small with intricate details or simple and large. Go for girly designs such as lace, spider web, watercolor and sugar skull tattoos.  Flower tattoos like dandelion, lotus, sunflower or roses can even help camouflage a scar or imperfections which occur during the tattooing process.

Girly Flower Tattoo Design on Foot

girly flower tattoo design on foot


Girly Foot Tattoo for Women

girly foot tattoo for women


The popularity of foot tattoos is increasing especially for people who love to wear flip flops or any open shoes. Unlike thigh tattoos which are barely conspicuous and are less painful, a foot tattoo is visible and painful because the skin on this body part is closer to the nerves.

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