Sisterhood is a strong bond especially for siblings who are very close and can easily be depicted by a tattoo. Sister tattoos can be a physical reminder of the love, friendship, and memories you share. It doesn’t have to be your birth sister; you can get these types of tattoo designs with your best friend. While you may be living far apart, getting identical tattoos with unique symbolic meanings will ensure both of you continue to remember each other. You may also see Matching Tattoo Designs

Matching Sister Tattoos

Do you want to show the strong connection you have between you and your sister? Then go for matching sister tattoos. They will look stunning on twins. When both of you agree to put the tattoo on the same body parts often gives it a deeper meaning.

Matching Sister Tattoo on Foot

matching sister tattoo on foot


Matching Twin Sister Tattoo

matching twin sister tattoo


Small Sisters Tattoos

A sister tattoo doesn’t have to be of a particular size however, it should be symbolic of the relationship you share.

Small Sister Tattoo on Wrist

small sister tattoo on wrist


Sister Infinity Tattoos

Even though simple, infinity symbols have a very deep meaning. Sister infinity tattoo designs portray limitless love and a relationship that will never come to an end. You can place them on any part of the body, and each one can have different dimensions.

Sister Quote Tattoos

If you prefer popular sister tattoos, then opt for quote designs. Sister quote tattoos feature a unique wording that can either be understood by everyone or only with the two of you. You can opt for a quote that best represents your personalities.

Sister Love Quote Tattoo

sister love quote tattoo


Heart Sister Tattoos

The perfect way to depict love between sisters is to get matching heart sister tattoos. They are cute, and you can obtain them in either small or large size. Depending on both your preference you can get two interlinked tattoos.

Sister Heart Beat Tattoo

sister heart beat tattoo


Love Heart Sister Tattoo

love heart sister tattoo


Sister Anchor Tattoos

If your sister often keeps you out of trouble then getting same sister anchor tattoos can help depict your relationship. The simplicity of the anchor makes it versatile such that you can place it on the finger, neck, behind the ear or ankle.

Celtic Sister Tattoos

Celtic sister tattoos have interconnected knots which are perfect for showing the connection you have with your sister. These tattoos also have cultural significance making them ideal for people who cherish traditions. Get these tattoos in black to depict their ethnic values.

Celtic Knot Sister Tattoo

celtic knot sister tattoo


Sister Wrist Tattoos

If you want to show off your sister tattoo, then get it inked on the wrist. While there are endless wrist tattoo designs that you can choose, opting for a tattoo such as a flower or a vine that wraps around the wrist will help draw attention to your hands.

Matching Sister Wrist Tattoo

matching sister wrist tattoo


Sister Butterfly Tattoos

Feminine and beautiful, sister butterfly tattoos are a favorite among many women. Add colors to the wings to create a realistic effect. Place butterfly tattoos on both your sleeves to depict flight and freedom.

3D Butterfly Sister Tattoo

3d butterfly sister tattoo


Matching Sister Butterfly Tattoo

matching sister butterfly tattoo1


Sister Flower Tattoos

Feminine and cute, sister flower tattoos will look stunning on any skin. Flowers with the same general theme will look unique, and you can even add your names.

Rose Flower Sister Tattoo

rose flower sister tattoo


Watercolor Sister Flower Tattoo

watercolor sister flower tattoo


Sister Knot Tattoo Designs

Do you want a unique sister tattoo? Then go for sister knot tattoo designs. Suitable for sisters who love adventure, the knot symbol will represent your family ties. You can choose either a trinity knot, Celtic knot or a simple rope knot.

Sister Bird Tattoos

Each bird has a unique meaning that is why they make awesome tattoo designs. While it’s great to get matching bird symbols, you and your sister can opt for different birds to depict your characters as long as they are placed in the same area.

Sister Symbol Tattoos

Sister symbols tattoo can be in a small size which can be easily hidden behind the ear or positioned on visible body areas such as collar bone. These tattoos are perfect for sisters who want uncommon designs that will show uniqueness.

Outline Sister Symbol Tattoo

outline sister symbol tattoo


Watercolor Sister Symbol Tattoo

watercolor sister symbol tattoo


Tribal Sister Tattoos

Tribal sister tattoos feature lines and curves that create unique designs. They are often done in black ink to enhance the appearance of the lines. These tattoos are for ladies who love gothic art or tribal ink art.

Small Tribal Sister Tattoo

small tribal sister tattoo


Sister Puzzle Tattoos

If you and sister got separated and had recently been reunited then getting sister puzzle tattoos will suit your situation. You can use these tattoos to show how you separated when your parents got divorced or each sister going their separate ways to pursue their dreams.

Sister Puzzle Piece Tattoo

sister puzzle piece tattoo1


Sister Foot Tattoo Designs

If you already have matching tattoos, then the next place is to determine which body part to put them. The feet are a visible and painful location, so make sure it is the right design that you can show it off by wearing flip flops or sandals.

Unique Sister Foot Tattoo Design

unique sister foot tattoo design


Sister Star Tattoos

Since sailors used to navigate through the help of stars, getting sister star tattoos will represent how you help each other out. Nautical stars are a favorite to girls, and you can even go for a watercolor design that incorporates stardust.

Disney Sister Tattoos

If you and your sister love to watch Disney films then choosing, Disney sister tattoos will be perfect for you. Since you have a favorite Disney character or a magical design, then you can place that on your thighs, sleeve or arms.

Disney World Sister Tattoo

disney world sister tattoo


3D Sister Tattoos

No matter what obstacles you face, your sister will be there to help you just as you will do the same for her. Use 3d sister tattoos to give your love, bond or healthy relationship a realistic visual appeal.

3D Bird Sister Tattoo Design

3d bird sister tattoo design


Meaning of Sister Tattoos and Specialty

Sister tattoos have matching designs and tend to showcase the love between siblings. While there are many designs, each tattoo is inked on the same body part. They can either be for blood-related sisters, or girls who share a special bond. Ladies who need to remember each other can also get these tattoos. The design can be any symbol, quotes, names, or an insect as long as the same tattoos are done on both of you.

To prove their bond is forever, some sisters choose to get identical tattoos. These tattoos often rank top for siblings who want matching tattoo designs for women. From matching quotes, names to two hearts, sister tattoos are unique. Whatever tattoo you choose, ensure the design has a personal meaning.

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