Tattoos make your personality pleasing and appealing. Shoulder tattoo designs are popular for both men and women. Although the shoulders offer a little space for designing tattoos, they can be made stylish as well as sophisticated when you choose the right intricate design. You can have people staring at you in admiration when you incorporate sharp, curvy or other designs of tattoos in your shoulders. Here are eighteen elegant shoulder tattoo designs for you to pick from. You may also See Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Rose Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Roses are inherent with a feminine touch. Women look beautiful and attractive with shoulder tattoos. If you are a woman, you need to determine the size of the tattoo according to your figure. If you have a fair skin, you can choose red ink for tattooing.

Red Rose Shoulder Tattoo

red rose shoulder tattoo


Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoos are enriched with masculinity. If you are a body builder, or have a solid shoulder line, you can go for this variation. It looks best when inked in black.

Celtic Shoulder Tattoo Designs

These tattoos come with different symbols of the Celtic culture. These are larger and more conspicuous than other tattoos. You can use black ink for designing the intricate lines. Celtic tattoos with crosses look really masculine.

Celtic Knot Shoulder Tattoo

celtic knot shoulder tattoo


Dragon Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Dragon tattoos are common among males, particularly in Asian countries. Even women with a small dragon tattoo on the shoulder bone look appealing. If you have broad shoulders, you can go for a large dragon tattoo covering the entire shoulder blade.

Chinese Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

chinese dragon shoulder tattoo


Eagle Shoulder Tattoos

Eagle tattoo is the most common among the bird tattoos that can boost up your look. There are quite a few variations of this tattoo. While some people prefer to ink the angry eyes and beak, others go for the sharp, killing talons of the birds.

Eagle Wing Shoulder Tattoo

eagle wing shoulder tattoo


Mandala Shoulder Tattoos

These tattoos come with fine intricate designs, personalised for women. These tattoos look best in black, especially if you have a fair complexion. Some women prefer to extend these tattoos right up to the upper arm.

Mandala Flower Shoulder Tattoo

mandala flower shoulder tattoo


Shoulder Blade Tattoo Designs

The shoulder blade is a small but favourite area for women to incorporate tattoos. These tattoo designs vary from scorpions to eagles, apart from floral designs. Males too, ink tribal tattoos on their shoulder bones.

Women Shoulder Blade Tattoo

women shoulder blade tattoo1


Daisy Shoulder Tattoos

Daisies are a favourite choice for tattoo designs among women. You can imprint one of these tattoos in the shoulder bone, and wear an exposed top to bask in beauty. Black or other colours may be used for these tattoos.

Gerbera Daisy Shoulder Tattoo

gerbera daisy shoulder tattoo


Small Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Sleek women with a fair complexion look beautiful with small shoulder tattoos. These tattoos are designed across the shoulder blade, and can extend up to the shoulder bone. You can use alphabets to script a small message, or use floral imprints as tattoos.

Small Flower Shoulder Tattoo

small flower shoulder tattoo


Shoulder Cross Tattoos

A section of people use cross tattoos in their shoulders as tradition or religious beliefs. Others do it for sheer style. In any case, use black ink for these tattoos, and incorporate intricate designs of you please.

Back Shoulder Cross Tattoo

back shoulder cross tattoo


Lace Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Lace tattoos look good when they are imprinted in the shoulders. Women usually design these tattoos to boost up the sense of their feminism. Thin, curvy and sleek tattoos are ideal for this purpose.

Bird Tattoos on Shoulder

Birds are usually associated with the feminine identity. If you want a cultured look, you can incorporate a combination of alphabets and images in these tattoos. You can also opt for a chain of tiny birds across the shoulder bone, projecting right up to the lower throat area.

Small Bird Tattoo On Shoulder

small bird tattoo on shoulder


Flying Bird Tattoo on Shoulder

flying bird tattoo on shoulder


Skull Shoulder Tattoos

Skull shoulder tattoos are compatible to muscular men. You can opt for a large skull with a fierce look across the shoulders. These tattoos look beautiful when you have dark lines and thick intricate designs.

Sugar Skull Shoulder Tattoo

sugar skull shoulder tattoo


Polynesian Shoulder Tattoo Designs

If you have a culturally refined person, or want to expose your cultural background, this is the ideal tattoo design for you. These are ideal for men and have different designs that have lived down the lines of tradition.

Butterfly Shoulder Tattoos

Butterflies symbolise feminine love, and if you want to boost up your looks with a soft and tender tattoo design, you can go for butterfly tattoo designs. The chain designs with butterflies as well as single, conspicuous ones look beautiful.

Butterfly Flower Shoulder Tattoo

butterfly flower shoulder tattoo


Angel Shoulder Tattoos

Angel tattoos are meant for men, although women sometimes ink these tattoos for style. You can make your look attractive with these designs, especially when special attention is given to the feminine features of the angel.

Angel wing Shoulder Tattoo

angel wing shoulder tattoo


Feather Tattoos on Shoulder

Feather tattoos are ideal for women. The soft tenderness of the feathers glorifies your physique and looks when you use the right shade of black. You can also imprint feathers that project up to the collar bone.

Peacock Feather Tattoo On Shoulder

peacock feather tattoo on shoulder


Shoulder Star Tattoo Designs

Star tattoos are just for style and sophistication. When you look out for a tempting look, you can go for different sizes of star tattoo designs. The red ones are ideal for people with a fair skin. These go well with both men and women.

How to Choose Men and Women Shoulder Tattoo Designs?

While choosing the tattoos, both men and women need to consider their personality traits. There are a number of tattoos that go well with the feminine features, including feather tattoos, butterfly tattoos and flower tattoo designs. Similarly, men too, can go for the tattoo designs that they are comfortable with. Traditionally a number of tattoo designs have been used by men, like eagle tattoos, cross tattoos, tribal tattoos and so on. Apart from the shoulders, these designs can be used for arm tattoos as well.

If you are interested in imprinting tattoos, get at least one tattoo inked in your shoulders. These add to your look and appeal. You may also like sleeve tattoos, and you are free to choose the tattoo design, considering your traits, complexion and weightage. In a nutshell, the choice of the right tattoo refines your looks.

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