Animals are a great source of inspiration for many people around the world. The tattoo designs that feature lions are countless while the technique of each tattoo artist can give you a different result with a personalized approach. The lions are mostly chosen for their fierce nature as well as their regal position within the animal kingdom. If you are looking out for a new tattoo then keep reading about the lion tattoos.

Lion King Tattoo Designs

If you grew up with the Lion King cartoons then you already know how precious it is to hold memories like these ones. You can choose a design with a regal looking lion that will make the tattoo look interesting.

Disney Lion King Tattoo Design

disney lion king tattoo design


Lion King Tattoo on Sleeve

lion king tattoo on sleeve


Tribal Lion Tattoos

A tribal tattoo is going to give you an abstract quality that will synthesize a unique lion tattoo. You can choose to have it in a colorful design however, a black one will look fiercer on your arm or back.

Geometric Lion Tattoos

Geometric designs have a unique style that makes every line look special both on its own and with the rest. You can decide on a geometric lion tattoo with crisp and neat lines to get a rough looking tattoo.

Geometric Lion Tattoo on Sleeves

geometric lion tattoo on sleeves


Geometric Lion Head Tattoo Design

geometric lion head tattoo design


Lion Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Lions have many details that can take a lot of surface area to unfold its beauty. You can find many sleeve tattoo designs like roaring or clawing lions with a fearless and stylish design that will make your biceps look irresistible.

Lion Full Sleeve Tattoo Design

lion full sleeve tattoo design


Celtic Lion Tattoo Designs

You can create a Celtic lion design that will look like your personal emblem. The designs range from monochromatic to colorful while the style can be adjusted to fit your personal tastes. It is also great for cover up tattoos.

Roaring Lion Tattoo Designs

Suitable for men and women of all ages, a roaring lion design will make you feel protected. The drawing of the tattoo as well as the shading will take some time due to the many details that it consists of.

Roaring Lion Tattoo on Hand

roaring lion tattoo on hand1


Roaring Tribal Lion Tattoo Design

roaring tribal lion tattoo design1


Lion Chest Tattoos

A chest tattoo is going to cover a lot of skin. So you have to be prepared for the time you will spend on the tattoo parlor as well as for the awesome lion tattoo design you will have.

Lion King Chest Tattoo Design

lion king chest tattoo design


Small Lion Tattoo Ideas

The small tattoo designs are suitable for both men and women that want something strong and subtle at the same time. From the wrist to the ankle you can have it anywhere you want in a colored or monochromatic tattoo version.

Small Lion Tattoo on Back

small lion tattoo on back


Leo Lion Tattoo Designs

If your zodiac sign is Leo then you should honor it with a lion tattoo. You can incorporate it in other tattoos you have or your can have it in a standalone version that will look interesting as a conversation starter.

Tribal Leo Lion Tattoo Design

tribal leo lion tattoo design


Leo Lion Head Tattoo

leo lion head tattoo


Lion Family Tattoo Designs

In case you want to honor your family then you can do it with a lion family tattoo. This will allow you to represent every member of your family with a unique and well-designed lion figure.

Lion King Family Tattoo Design

lion king family tattoo design


Shoulder Lion Tattoos

You can adorn your shoulder with an awesome lion tattoo. You can have a black and white version or you can go for a colorful synthesis that will make you look amazing every time you wear a sleeveless t-shirt.

Shoulder Lion Tattoo for Women

shoulder lion tattoo for women


Traditional Lion Tattoos

Traditional designs have an eccentric style that can give you unique tattoos. You can find many designs that will look amazing with bold and bright colors accentuating your skin tone while adding a strong and vivacious character.

Neo-Traditional Lion Tattoo Design

neo traditional lion tattoo design


Traditional Japanese Lion Tattoo

traditional japanese lion tattoo


Lion Skull Tattoo Designs

Combining different elements and designs can give you magnificent results. This is the case with lions and skull tattoos. The skull designs have a stylish approach that can look incredible with lions no matter where you choose to have them.

Lion Skull with Flowers Tattoo

lion skull with flowers tattoo


Black and Gray Lion Skull Tattoo

black and gray lion skull tattoo


Watercolor Lion Tattoos

A watercolor tattoo has a soft or bold blend of colors that looks spectacular no matter what the design is. These designs are suitable for both women and men while they can be done in every spot of the body.

Watercolor Lion Tattoo for Back

watercolor lion tattoo for back


Lion King Watercolor Tattoo

lion king watercolor tattoo


Lion With Flowers Tattoos

This design is mostly favored by women. The flowers add a feminine touch that brings a serene look to the tattoo while the lion balances it with a strong and regal character. Both the colored and monochrome versions will amaze you.

3D Lion Tattoo Designs

There are lion designs that look so realistic like they could seriously jump out and claw at you. You can have a 3D tattoo with a lion that with the right use of shading it’ll give you an amazing design.

3D Lion Head Tattoo Design

3d lion head tattoo design


These tattoo designs can be combined with other themes as well as with more intricate designs like the tribal tattoos. You should always choose a design that catches your eye although you should put some meaning behind it in order to get a meaningful body art design made for you.

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