Tattoos come with various designs, color combinations and techniques. The variety is so huge that even choosing one from the tattoo designs is hard when you don’t have anything specific in your mind. The animal kingdom has given countless ideas for tattoos. From mild and serene animals to ferocious beasts you can find anything you want in a wolf design. Keep on reading for our collection of wolf tattoo ideas that will spark your imagination.

Tribal Wolf Tattoo Designs

Wolf tribal tattoos have a bold look that evokes of fierce character. You can choose an intricate design of flames that create a unique wolf design suitable for men and women. You can also choose a colored version for style.

Tribal Wolf and Moon Tattoo

tribal wolf and moon tattoo


Tribal Wolf Head Tattoo Design

tribal wolf head tattoo design1


Tribal Wolf Tattoo on Sleeve

tribal wolf tattoo on sleeve


Small Wolf Tattoo Designs

Smaller size tattoos have an abundance of style that can compete that of the large pieces. Choose a design that fits your personal style and ask your tattooist to draw something special for you before you choose your final design.

Small Wolf Tattoo on Hand

small wolf tattoo on hand


Howling Wolf Tattoo Designs

Whether you choose a multicolored or a monochromatic version, the howling wolf is one of the most popular tattoo designs. The details bring together a magnificent design that will look good no matter where you choose to have it done. You may also See Eagle Tattoo Designs

Tribal Howling Wolf Tattoo Design

tribal howling wolf tattoo design


Howling Wolf Tattoo on Chest

howling wolf tattoo on chest


Black Wolf Tattoo Designs

The shading in black wolf tattoos requires a certain level of skill. You can choose any design that catches your eye and consult with your tattooist for the details regarding the time the drawing and shading will take to complete.

Black Wolf Tattoo on Sleeve

black wolf tattoo on sleeve


Geometric Wolf Tattoos

Geometric tattoos can have a great design that consists of elegant lines and geometric shapes. You can choose a beautiful and creative design for your forearm or you can go for a broader surface like your thigh or your back.

Geometric Wolf Tattoo on Arm

geometric wolf tattoo on arm


Geometric Wolf Head Tattoo for Men

geometric wolf head tattoo for men


Traditional Wolf Tattoos

Traditional wolf tattoos have a crazed look that gives you a punk style. You can choose any design with bright bold colors and other decorative elements that will make your tattoo look timeless. They’re suitable for both men and women.

Neo Traditional Wolf Tattoo for Men

neo traditional wolf tattoo for men


Traditional Wolf Face Tattoo Idea

traditional wolf face tattoo idea


Celtic Wolf Tattoo Ideas

Celtic designs have an intricate layout that gives you majestic results. Add a wolf into the design and then you will end up having the most amazing tattoo. From black and white to colorful designs the choice will reward you.

Celtic Knot Wolf Tattoo on Shoulder

celtic knot wolf tattoo on shoulder


Celtic Wolf Tattoo on Leg

celtic wolf tattoo on leg


Lone Wolf Tattoo Ideas

Lone wolves have the potential danger vibe around them that makes them unpredictable. Choose a lone wolf tattoo for your next design and add a ferocious piece of body art on your skin. It also works as cover up tattoo. You may also See Squid Tattoo Designs

Lone Wolf Knuckle Tattoo Design

lone wolf knuckle tattoo design


Mandala Wolf Tattoo Designs

If you like both wolf and mandala designs then you can have a fashionable combination of the two. You can find incredible designs with wolf face that is half wolf and half mandala design that will make you look interesting.

Mandala Wolf Tattoo on Back

mandala wolf tattoo on back


Mandala Wolf Tattoo on Thigh

mandala wolf tattoo on thigh


Wolf Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder tattoos have a unique style giving you an interesting peace to show off with sleeveless shirts. From teeth baring wolf to dramatic scenery with a full moon on the background you can have any design that appeals to you.

Tribal Wolf Shoulder Tattoo

tribal wolf shoulder tattoo


Angry Wolf Tattoos

An angry wolf will give you a rough looking design that will be totally eye catching. The design can be done at every part of your body while the level of skill it requires is quite high for excellent results.

Angry Wolf Face Tattoo Design

angry wolf face tattoo design


Angry Wolf Torn Skin Tattoo

angry wolf torn skin tattoo


3D Wolf Tattoo Designs

Light and shadows can give you a unique and real life design that will look like it wants to jump out of your skin. 3D tattoos need a skillful artist in order to have a genuine design with realistic personality.

3D Howling Wolf Tattoo for Men

3d howling wolf tattoo for men


Viking Wolf Tattoos

Viking wolf designs have a regal look that makes them suitable for both men and women. You can choose a stunning design with a growling angry wolf or you can go for a milder option that will look extra stylish.

Viking Wolf Tattoo for Back

viking wolf tattoo for back


Wolf Family Tattoo Designs

The family ties among wolfs are always strong so what better way to honor your family other than a wolf tattoo design. These designs can be done in black and white or colorful versions that will bring a dramatic effect.

Wolf Family Tattoo on Sleeve

wolf family tattoo on sleeve


Wolf Family Tattoo for Men

wolf family tattoo for men


As many animal designs, the wolf can be incorporated in many styles like the tribal tattoo. The designs can ranged from bold to elegant allowing you to have them at any spot on your body. Depending on the level of detailed work, the tattoos might take some time to complete.

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