Small tattoos can make a bigger statement because of their size. You can find them in black and white or colorful versions that are suitable for tattoo designs for men. These designs can add a mystique style to your appearance while making a statement for your choice in designs. In this post you are going to find a collection of small tattoos for men that will give you enormous inspiration for your next ink design.

Small Tattoos for Men on Wrist

From tribal to abstract and from quotes to the superman insignia wrist tattoos look attractive and give a stylish vibe to every man that bears them. Despite the small size these make up in character and masculine tone that mesmerizes.

Small Infinity Tattoo for Men on Wrist

small infinity tattoo for men on wrist


Small Arm Tattoos for Men

There is no need to have a full sleeve in order to look stylish. Small arm tattoos in black and white or colorful versions are going to make you look interesting and they can be hidden or displayed at any moment you choose.

Small Trible Arm Tattoo for Men

small trible arm tattoo for men


Small Tattoos for Men on Shoulder

The shoulder is the most popular spot for men’s tattoos. This will give you the right amount of space to add any design you choose. You can go for a stunning tribal tattoo or you can pick a theme for extra style.

Small Chest Tattoos for Men

A man that sports a chest tattoo is going to look like a person that knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. The small size is going to make the piece more interesting and stylish in fashion.

Small Chest Cross Tattoo for Men

small chest cross tattoo for men


Small Tribal Tattoos for Men

Tribal tattoos are the best way to show your masculinity and the complexity of your character. You can find these designs in a plethora of themes with stunning black and white and gorgeous tattoos of color that will amaze everyone.

Small Tattoos for Men on Neck

Neck tattoos are a great way to showcase your choices in fashion as well as your character. These designs range in style, shape and theme giving you great choices from diamond tattoos to spiders and from scorpions to snake designs.

Small Rose Tattoo for Men on Neck

small rose tattoo for men on neck


Small Cross Tattoos for Men

The cross design on tattoos add a religious and spiritual tone to every tattoo. You can find many designs that feature cross tattoos with stunning décor and impressive character to help you choose the right design for your character and style.

Small Cross Hand Tattoo for Men

small cross hand tattoo for men


Small Rose Tattoos for Men

Rose tattoos have been popular designs for men in a very long time. You can find them in gorgeous designs featuring black and white or colorful versions with rich décor and beautiful designs that will reward your choices in style.

Small Rose Wrist Tattoo for Men

small rose wrist tattoo for men


Small Celtic Tattoos for Men

Intricate knots and complex designs are the most famous characteristics of Celtic tattoos. The small size adds an interesting tone to the tattoos giving you stunning designs with incredible complexity that will make everyone want to take a closer look.

Small Celtic Hand Tattoo for Men

small celtic hand tattoo for men


Small Tattoos for Men on Leg

The leg is also a great spot to sport a small tattoo design. You can choose among tattoos that have elegant looks and masculine designs that add style to your body. Because of their small size they will take little time to complete.

Small Bear Tattoo for Men on Leg

small bear tattoo for men on leg


Small Tree Tattoo for Men on Leg

small tree tattoo for men on leg


Small tattoos can be done at any body part you choose to have it to add a very attractive macho look. From the hand to the toes and from your stomach to your shoulder there is a great selection of designs that will cover your needs in style and elegance.

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