The compass tattoos are very popular with both men and women as it has an aesthetic beauty and a deep meaning. There are a variety of compass tattoo designs such as nautical tattoos, compass with arrow tattoo, compass with flower tattoo etc. which has a meaning of their own. The compass tattoos exist from a long time and people believe that they represent a journey towards positive life. Some people love to have the compass tattoo inked to show their love towards sea life or their past sea adventures.

Compass Rose Tattoo Designs

Compass and rose combination tattoos have different meanings. People who would like to leave the past and the bad experiences behind to move forward in life would love to have the combination of compass and rose tattoo. The rose signifies the pleasant experiences and the beautiful life ahead whereas the compass represents the direction of the journey.

Traditional Compass Rose Tattoo

traditional compass rose tattoo


Compass Rose Tattoo on Wrist

compass rose tattoo on wrist


Small Compass Tattoo Ideas

Small compass tattoos are popular with both men and women. Small compass tattoos are beautiful and have a cute look and, they can be easily inked on wrists, neck, fingers, etc. Tattoo lovers who love to have tattoos but do not want to have them big go for small tattoos.

Small Compass Tattoo on Finger

small compass tattoo on finger


Traditional Compass Tattoos

Compass is a very essential part of endeavors by people going on adventures in Sea, forests etc. It is also an important instrument for navy people, fishermen, sailors etc. The traditional compass tattoo is inked to display the respect and love towards the instrument as it guides them towards their destination.

Traditional Compass Tattoo on Foot

traditional compass tattoo on foot


Watercolor Compass Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos look amazing with their abstract designs and beautiful colors. The natural look and creative color usage makes them sought after by many tattoo lovers. The watercolor compass tattoos look fabulous when they are inked in a bigger size with symmetric patterns and beautiful shades.

Watercolor Compass Tattoo for Men

watercolor compass tattoo for men


Watercolor Compass Tattoo on Shoulder

watercolor compass tattoo on shoulder


Viking Compass Tattoo Designs

Vikings used to travel a lot in seas. Compass was an essential instrument to guide them and show the direction of their journey. The Viking compass tattoos normally have the symbols inked for the all the directions instead of the letters. These tattoos are very popular among men as they represent the bravery and the strength.

Viking Compass Tattoo on Forearm

viking compass tattoo on forearm


Compass Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Almost all the tattoo lovers would love to have tattoos inked on sleeves. The reason being, the tattoos can be seen easily and the muscles on the shoulders intensify the meaning and the patterns of the tattoo. The compass tattoo inked on sleeves, especially by men looks great with a magnified representation of the bravery, strength and direction of the compass along with the beautiful and symmetric pattern.

Compass Full Sleeve Tattoo

compass full sleeve tattoo


Compass Half Sleeve Tattoo

compass half sleeve tattoo


Compass Flower Tattoo Designs

Compass and flower combination tattoos are popular among women. The compass represents the strength and journey towards a goal, the flower represents the beauty and delicate nature of the woman and the beautiful life ahead. The flowers such as chrysanthemum, rose, lotus etc. are inked along with a compass to form a beautiful pattern and depict their inner feelings.

Compass Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

compass flower tattoo on shoulder


Compass Flower and Bird Tattoo

compass flower and bird tattoo


Arrow Compass Tattoo Ideas

Arrow and compass combination tattoo is very popular with both men and women. Arrow represents the positive attitude towards life and the compass represents the journey towards the positive direction. This combination tattoo is a tattoo which looks beautiful to look and has a deep meaning. You may also See Watercolor Tattoo Designs

Arrow Compass Tattoo for Men

arrow compass tattoo for men


Vintage Compass Tattoos

Vintage compass tattoos look really beautiful with the antique brass tattoos. The antique compass has an aesthetic beauty which attracts all tattoo lovers to have the vintage tattoo inked.

3D Compass Tattoo Designs

3D compass tattoos look realistic and have a beautiful look. This makes them sought after by all the tattoo lovers. The 3D compass tattoo with all its shades and a symmetric pattern looks fabulous on anyone.

3D Compass Tattoo on Hand

3d compass tattoo on hand


Compass Shoulder Tattoos

Compass tattoos on shoulders look really amazing as the muscles add the extra strength and beauty to the tattoo. The shoulder is a great place to ink a compass tattoo as it can be flaunted easily.

Compass Back Shoulder Tattoo

compass back shoulder tattoo


Celtic Compass Tattoo Designs

The people of Celtic tribes used to ink beautiful compass tattoos to express their love towards the instrument which is essential in their life. The Celtic compass tattoos with beautiful and intricate patterns look really amazing.

Celtic Compass Tattoo on Back

celtic compass tattoo on back


Tribal Compass Tattoo Ideas

Tribal compass tattoos are plain without frills in wither black or gray color. People who love to represent the meaning behind the compass tattoo go for the tribal compass tattoo.

Tribal Compass Tattoo on Leg

tribal compass tattoo on leg


Compass Neck Tattoos

The compass tattoos on neck are usually preferred by women as they can be inked in a smaller size which looks cute and beautiful. They can be inked in either a single or multiple colors.

Compass Back Neck Tattoo

compass neck tattoo for men


Nautical Compass Tattoo Ideas

Nautical compass tattoo is preferred by men as they have deep and intricate designs with a natural look. These tattoos with a brass case, a glass, symmetric compass inside with the shadows of the compass and the glass looks really amazing to look.

Compass tattoos are very popular among celebrities. People who feel lost in either their career or personal life would like to have a compass tattoo inked as they believe that they will be guided towards a right direction. The compass tattoos are beautiful to look with symmetry and they are inked by many for this reason. The flower tattoos also great along with compass tattoos.

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