Anchor tattoos are traditional tattoos which were inked by sailors and navy personnel. They are also a sign of strong belief in Christianity. An anchor is a symbol of steadfastness, calmness, salvation, and composure. There are many variations in anchor tattoos and each one has its own meaning.

Small Anchor Tattoos

The small anchor tattoos are normally preferred by people working for Christian missionaries as they believe that the anchor tattoos are a symbol of strength and stability. These are worn on wrists, ankles, behind the ears etc and they represent the belief in the Christian religion.

Small Anchor Tattoo on Ankle

small anchor tattoo on ankle


Traditional Anchor Tattoos

The traditional anchor tattoos are simple and are inked in gray or black color. They represent the faith in Christian religion, stability, strength and calmness. They are mostly inked to represent these qualities.

Traditional Mermaid Anchor Tattoo Design

traditional mermaid anchor tattoo design


Infinity Anchor Tattoos

The infinity symbol represents ‘Forever’. It may represent infinite strength to someone whereas it may represent infinite opportunities to someone else. The infinity anchor represents the positive attitude and believed to be the most positive tattoo. You may also See Sailor Tattoo Designs

Double Infinity Anchor Tattoo

double infinity anchor tattoo


Royal Navy Anchor Tattoo

royal navy anchor tattoo


Anchor Foot Tattoos

Anchor foot tattoos represent being rooted and grounded. These tattoos represent the ability to be calm and grounded whatever ups and dons come in life or whatever rough times the person has gone through.

Neo-Anchor Foot Tattoo Design

neo anchor foot tattoo design


Anchor Finger Tattoos

The finger anchor tattoos are popular among young girls. The young girls love to have anchor tattoos on their fingers which represent strength or some strong person like her father or mother providing strength and stability.

Anchor Love Finger Tattoo

anchor love finger tattoo


Anchor Tattoos for Men

Anchor tattoos are the most preferred tattoos by men as they make them look tough. Men who love to show the tough side of them would like to have anchor tattoos. As anchor tattoo has many meanings including strength, stability, belief in religion, an anchor tattoo can represent any of these qualities. You may also See Garter Tattoo Designs

Compass and Anchor Tattoo for Men

compass and anchor tattoo for men


Navy Anchor Tattoo for Men

navy anchor tattoo for men1


Floral Anchor Tattoo Designs

Floral anchor tattoos represent a beautiful mixture of strength and beauty. Flowers represent beauty and elegance whereas anchors represent strength. This combined tattoo is preferred mostly by women.

Floral Anchor Tattoo on Thigh

floral anchor tattoo on thigh


Floral Anchor Tattoo for Women

floral anchor tattoo for women


Anchor Thigh Tattoos

Anchor thigh tattoos are most common among women. Women who want to have some special tattoos in combination with anchor would love to have them on thighs. The reason being they don’t everyone to see the tattoo. Some of the thigh tattoos like wolf face and anchor combination, a lighthouse and anchor combination tattoo etc are popular among women. You may also See Libra Tattoo Designs

Anchor Side Thigh Tattoo

anchor side thigh tattoo


Vintage Anchor Tattoos

Vintage anchor tattoos are traditional and plain tattoos which represent the faith and belief in the Christianity, love of sea life or the strength and stability for which an anchor is best known for.

Vintage Navy Anchor Tattoo

vintage navy anchor tattoo


Vintage Anchor Tattoo on Hand

vintage anchor tattoo on hand


Tribal Anchor Tattoo Designs

Tribal anchor tattoos are very popular and trendy. They come in lots of variations. These tattoos have intricate designs and they look really beautiful and trendy. They are liked by both men and women.

Black Tribal Anchor Tattoo Design

black tribal anchor tattoo design


Anchor Sleeve Tattoos

Anchor sleeve tattoos are normally huge and they cover the entire sleeve area. They are very attractive with beautiful designs and colors. As sleeve area is the best part to flaunt a tattoo, a beautiful anchor tattoo is a piece of art to show off.

Anchor Half Sleeve Tattoo

anchor half sleeve tattoo


Anchor Sleeve Tattoo for Women

anchor sleeve tattoo for women


Anchor Arm Tattoos

Arms are easily seen and tattoos on arms can represent the inner emotions, feelings, beliefs or love towards art. The arm tattoos on anchors are beautiful and they talk about the person even before he/she interacts with someone.

Colorful Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos come in various designs. While some would prefer to have them in black/gray, others would love to have colorful and bright tattoos which are a piece of art. It is more of a body art than a simple tattoo for many people. The advantage of anchor tattoo is that it can be combined with many other tattoos as flowers, names of loved ones, quotes etc.

Anchor and Wheel Tattoos

Anchor tattoos with wheels represent the love towards sea life, the memorable and wonderful experiences in the sea, the adventures they have done in sea etc.

Anchor and Wheel Tattoo on Leg

anchor and wheel tattoo on leg


Anchor Wheel Tattoo on Sleeve

anchor wheel tattoo on sleeve


Anchor tattoos are one of the most loved and preferred by the tattoo lovers. The anchor tattoo has many meanings and each one represents a unique quality. This uniqueness makes the tattoo lovers have an anchor tattoo inked to express their own qualities, beliefs etc.

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