Tribal tattoos are derived from various cultures such as Aztec, India, Polynesia, Samoa and Maori. They feature bold black hooks, loops or patterns to form a design with a unique symbolic meaning. While tribal tattoo designs get their inspiration from ancient tribes, they still incorporate modern elements. Most people choose these tattoos with reference to a particular tribe without actually knowing the symbolic meaning behind a design. Knowing the meaning will help you feel proud of your tattoo design.

Tribal Wolf Tattoos

Animal lovers especially those who prefer ferocious wild animals can opt for tribal wolf tattoos. Since these designs are usually large, you should place your wolf either on the back or chest. Popular in Native American culture this animal symbolizes strength, direction, leadership and power.

Tribal Sleeve Tattoos

The sleeves are one of the most appropriate places to get your tribal tattoo design. Whether small or large, you can choose from half to full sleeves. A tribal design that starts at the shoulders is usually unique and can easily portray your bold personality.

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos

Hawaiian tribal tattoo gets their design inspirations from the Hawaiian culture. They tend to incorporate colors and exotic symbols of the island making these tattoos suitable for both guys and ladies. They can be less detailed or intricate depending on an individual’s preference and often include animals such as gecko and turtles.

Tribal Cross Tattoo Ideas

If you prefer tattoos with a symbolic religious meaning, then go for tribal cross tattoos. These designs are different from the traditional cross and range from a small, simple cross which can be placed on a finger to large designs that incorporate other tribal elements. It symbolizes faith, power of religion and circle of life.

Tribal Sun Tattoos

Do you want a tattoo with a deep symbolic meaning? Then go for tribal sun tattoos. All cultures had a meaning for the sun making these designs popular in most cultures. The usefulness and mystery of the sun often made this symbol scared so you can design your tattoo with a circular center to give it a unique meaning.

Small Tribal Tattoo Designs

Small tribal tattoo designs even though subtle often stand out due to the usage of black in and thick line shadings. While you can place it on the neck, feet, and finger; avoid designing it on large body spaces where it can easily lose visibility.

Tribal Animal Tattoos

From lions, elephants, tiger, wolf to turtles, tribal animal tattoos are eye-catching. Most men tend to prefer these tattoos because they often pick an animal with characters that are equal to their personalities or those they want to emulate. They look attractive and often stand for strength, power and family values.

Shoulder Tribal Tattoos

Even though painful, tribal shoulder tattoos are stunning. While some designs just concentrate on enhancing the shoulders, others opt to include part of the neck to help the tattoo flow smoothly. Those in black color complement all skin types and add to the beauty of your shoulders.

Tribal Flower Tattoos

The best way to add a feminine element to a tribal tattoo is to incorporate a flower. Whether in vibrant color or subtle shades flower tribal tattoos are unique. The rose and hibiscus are the favorite flowers that look good in a tribal design; however, you can add any flower that you love.

Tribal Skull Tattoo Designs

If you overcame death or just want to depict death, opt for tribal skull tattoo designs. They are popular with men and often include other tattoos to tone down the harsh meaning that is often associated with skulls. If you prefer a colorful tribal tattoo, then go for sugar skull tattoo which is famous in Mexican culture.
Tribal heart tattoos are a favorite among both men and women. They symbolize passion, devotion, love, and adoration.  You can opt for a simple outline or anatomical structure to represent the actual function of the heart. Bleeding heart, locked heart, two hearts, filigree heart, black and blue hearts are also popular.

Tribal Arrow Tattoo Ideas

If you are moving forward with life after a traumatic experience or bad breakup, then get a tribal arrow tattoo. The simplicity and versatile nature of this tattoo are what make them the first choice for most people. You can include a dreamcatcher, nautical stars, compass or an anchor to your arrow design.
Stars shine brightly at night to illuminate the sky and if that is how you envision your life then choose tribal stars tattoos.  They have various symbolic meanings in different cultures and religions, so you are bound to find a design that represents your personality. They depict success, balance, transformation, wishes and represent a breast cancer survivor.

3D Tribal Tattoos

Whether on the arm, legs, back or thigh, 3D tribal tattoos are awesome. They give a realistic effect to any design and will clearly depict the meaning you are trying to portray. You can choose from dragon, butterfly, frogs, eagles, koi fish, rose, heart, Japanese tribal designs to Maori.

Polynesian Tribal Tattoo Designs

From Marquesan cross, sun, ocean, gecko, fish, turtle shells to tiki symbols, Polynesian tribal tattoo designs are known for incorporating elements that have symbolic meanings. They are solid black and tend to include a lot of details which often results in good looking tattoos.

Tribal Chest Tattoo Designs

A chest is a spacious place hence when getting a tribal tattoo ensure it is done well and enhances the beauty of your chest. The chest is closest to the heart and getting a tattoo in this area shows pride. While you can get any design, the best tribal chest tattoo designs will make you want to take your shirt off.

Tribal Name Tattoo Ideas

The best way to personalize a tattoo and make it unique is to opt for tribal name tattoo design. You can also show your eternal love by having the name of a loved one inked in a tribal design. You can incorporate the name of your parents, spouse, children or of a music band to another tattoo design.

Tribal Zodiac Tattoos

Tribal Zodiac tattoos are designed from astrology and often depict your birth month. These tattoos feature animal symbols of the different zodiac sun such as a ram for Aries, the bull for Taurus, crab for cancer and a lion for LEO. You can also opt to symbolize the positive qualities of the zodiac symbol.

Viking Tribal Tattoo Designs

When it comes to choosing tribal tattoos, Vikings will definitely rank top. You can pick Viking’s heads, helmets, weapons; or those that represent the Norse mythology such as Thor’s hammer and Hrungers heart.

Tribal Arm Tattoos

The arms are the best place to put your tribal tattoo because you can hide it with a long sleeved shirt or show it off by wearing a vest. They enhance masculine features.

Getting a tribal tattoo in most cultures was to distinct warriors from different tribes, depicting a rite of passage and social status. You will know these tattoos by their black ink and bold lines.

While the meaning of a tribal tattoo may vary from one culture to another, they all depict traits of a warrior. The bold lines and dark black shadings are what make these tattoos unique, masculine and attractive. Therefore if you are considering tattoo designs for men opt for one of these tribal tattoos.

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