Polynesian tattoos are mostly inspired by tradition and history. The main difference between traditional and Polynesian tattoos is that Polynesian tattoos carry intricate and deliberate details in them. Polynesian tattoos tell a story and they evoke diverse abilities according to the symbol on the skin. For example, the Enata tattoo can be used to symbolize both men and god.  It is also a symbol of rank; an inverted Enata can be used to symbolize an enemy.

Dwayne Johnson Polynesian Tattoo Ideas

polynesian samoan symbols tattoo1


Mike Tyson Polynesian Tattoo

mike tyson polynesian tattoo

Polynesian Chest and Half Sleeve Tattoo

polynesian chest and half sleeve tattoo1


Polynesian Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

polynesian tribal sleeve1


The sun symbol of the Polynesian tattoo symbolizes leadership, brilliance prosperity, and grandiosity. The sun tattoo can also be used to mean other things according to the shape it takes. If it is the rising sun it will symbolize a rebirth while a sunset will be used to represent afterlife.

Turtle Polynesian Tattoo on Shoulder

free polynesian tattoo design


Full Shelve  Polynesian Tattoo Ideas

full shelve polynesian tattoo ideas


Polynesian Tattoo on Neck

polynesian tattoo on neck


Samoan Polynesian Tattoo Design

samoan polynesian tattoo design

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The sharks’ teeth tattoo or niho mano as it is known in the Polynesian is a famous tattoo with over 50% of all people with Polynesian tattoo having embedded it.  It symbolizes shelter, power, ferocity, and adaptability.

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