Squid is an interesting and mysterious looking deep sea creature. Their unique body shapes make them a fine inspiration for tattoo designs. Squid tattoo designs offer something fun, mysterious and stylish. Aquatic and sea themes are popular tattoo trends.

Polynesian tattoos have also become a major style trend. Birds are another great inspiration for tattoos. An eagle tattoo makes for an impressive style statement.

Giant Squid Tattoo

giant squid tattoo


This giant squid tattoo resembles a giant squid. This is a simple yet fabulous tattoo for anyone who admires giant squids.

Squid Tattoo for Neck

squid tattoo for neck


This squid tattoo for neck has an aquatic theme surrounding it. This is a stylish tattoo for the neck area.

Squid Shoulder Tattoo

squid shoulder tattoo


This squid shoulder tattoo is based on “octopus on acid.” Try this colorful squid tattoo on your shoulder.

Traditional Squid Tattoo

traditional squid tattoo


This traditional squid tattoo portrays a squid in traditional patterns. If you like a traditional touch, this squid tattoo can certainly make the cut.

Vampire Squid Tattoo

vampire squid tattoo


This vampire squid tattoo features a red squid with a mean stare and two raised tentacles. Try this squid tattoo to showcase a horror theme.

Black and White Squid Tattoo

black and white squid tattoo


This black and white squid tattoo is simple and has a vintage feel to it. Get this squid tattoo if you find black and white colorful.

Squid Tattoo on Chest

squid tattoo on chest


This squid tattoo on the chest is full of action and style. The tattoo features a whale and a squid.

Crawling Squid Tattoo Idea

crawling squid tattoo idea


This crawling squid tattoo idea portrays a small squid in black. This is a great tattoo idea for your forearm.

Squid Stomach Tattoo

squid stomach tattoo


Squid Heart Tattoo Idea

squid heart tattoo idea


Squid Ankle Tattoo

squid ankle tattoo


Squid Tattoo for Thigh

squid tattoo for thigh


Squid Tattoo on Foot

squid tattoo on foot


Black Squid Tattoo Design

black squid tattoo design


Watercolor Squid Tattoo

watercolor squid tattoo


Full Sleeve Squid Tattoo

full sleeve squid tattoo

These were some awesome squid tattoo designs. Squid and other aquatic tattoos are fun and fashionable. You can also try a koi fish tattoo, which is also very popular. Like the sea, the sky is also full of inspirations. Dove tattoos are also very appealing. Explore and make your pick.

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