A shell of sea creatures such as sea snails and scallops offers protection against predators and ensures the body organs are safe from external harm. It’s because of its courageous characteristic that most people opt for a shell tattoo. Individuals who love the serene ocean-atmosphere or the varied life found in water bodies can also include a heart tattoo to symbolize courage. Whether you prefer a conch or a scallop, there’s a shell tattoo that will suit you.

Shell Ankle Tattoo Idea

shell ankle tattoo idea


Add a heart symbol to the conch shell to symbolize a memory of a loved one. The black ink helps this tattoo to stand out.

Colorful Shell Tattoo Design

colorful shell tattoo design


Using vibrant colors such as blue and pink is the best way to incorporate your favorite colors into a shell tattoo design. Ideal for ladies, this colorful tattoo, takes creativity to a whole new level by using a shell and lipstick.

Shell Tattoo on Shoulder

shell tattoo on shoulder


When getting a Hawaiian tattoo adding a shell gives the ink art an edge that all beach lovers will admire. Men can get this large shell tattoo on the shoulder and use subtle colors such as brown and yellow.

Traditional Shell Tattoo Design

traditional shell tattoo design


If you want a design that represents the mystery of the ocean, a shell tattoo can help you do just that. The bold purple, blue, yellow and red colors and flower design gives a feminine trait to this tattoo.

Shell Tattoo for Women

shell tattoo for women


Tiny Shell Tattoo on Finger

tiny shell tattoo on finger


Black and Gray Shell Tattoo

black and grey shell tattoo


Cute Shell Tattoo Design

cute shell tattoo design


Shell Tattoo on Forearm

shell tattoo on forearm


Black Work Shell Tattoo

black work shell tattoo


Beautiful Shell Tattoo Design

beautiful shell tattoo design


How to make your shell tattoo stand out?

While a simple shell tattoo can help you represent the deeper meaning you want to show, adding other elements to the design will bring out your fondness for aquatic life. Add other items such as pearls, watercolors, flowers, starfish, and turtles to better express your personality.

How to choose a seashell tattoo?

When it comes to rare body art such as a seahorse tattoo and shell tattoo, the mystery that these designs symbolize is unique to each person. So, choose a size and color that is a clear representation of your personality.

Koi fish tattoos just like shell tattoos signify adversity and personal strength that both male and female can relate to. Instead of explaining who you are and what you stand for, you can let the tattoo do the talking for you. So, be inspired by these rare designs and get yourself a shell tattoo.

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