If you are thinking about original tattoo designs, picking up cactus is the best you can do lately. This kind of art will definitely make you proud if you are a sharp minded and a person with an attitude. Cactus tattoos are incredibly passionate portraits of the one of nature’s the most extreme creations.

Black and White cactus Tattoo

black and white cactus tattoo


As said earlier, the cactus features two sides of nature or person. An outer shell, which is hard, rigid and dangerous and the inner core, which is soft and fragile. Making this kind of an idea in a form of black and white art will just emphasize two extremes.

Traditional Cactus Tattoo

traditional cactus tattoo


Traditional approach requires a bit of imagination to make it different. However, there is nothing special to add, as this is a presentation of  solitude and peace due the desert cactus and cow skull. Usually, this kind of design is for  loners.

Saguaro Cactus Tattoo

saguaro cactus tattoo


Do you see the Western motif in this picture? We do. Sunset in the background makes this picture unique and picturesque. One look at it and you will be smiling already.

Colorful Cactus Sleeve Tattoo

colorful cactus sleeve tattoo


Thanks to the genre we represent here, this is the new and very popular. The cactus ink is completely changing the tattoo industry in a revolutionary manner. You may also See Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Geometric Cactus Tattoo

geometric cactus tattoo


Although it is apparent that this kind of tattoo features a geometric kind of design, pyramids and triangles have a certain meaning in an Egyptian mythology and nowadays journalists accentuate religious motifs as well. Whatever your motifs are, make sure they are the right ones-positive.

Little Cactus Tattoo on Wrist

little cactus tattoo on wrist


By far, this is the one we like the most. Simple and elegant, but it has so much to offer. There is a big circle representing the universe and circle of life, then the Sun, as a creator of life itself, cactus represents a hard life this person lived and mountains in the background will give us a glimpse of a solitude attitude of this collector. So much said in one cute little tattoo.

Ice Cream Theme Cactus Tattoo

ice cream shaped cactus tattoo


Snake & Cactus Tattoo

snake with cactus tattoo


Tiny Black Cactus Tattoo

small and black cactus tattoo


Heart Cactus Tattoo

love symbol cactus tattoo


Neo Traditional Cactus Tattoo

shining cactus tattoo


Watercolor Cactus Foot Tattoo Design

cactus foot tattoo design


Blue Cactus Tattoo

blue cactus tattoo


Some tattoos are more charming than the others, but they all like to use the Mediterranean spirit of happiness. If you are more prone to a cowboy and a rodeo approach, there is still so much to do upon this matter. We hope you will make it an inspiration and wear it with a smile.

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