Looking at the massive motifs of tattoo designs, dinosaur tattoo reminds you of Jurassic Park. These creatures left the planet leaving their tattoos for whatever reason. Call it evolution. But, these are not the times people have forgotten. These creatures still fascinate many and interesting motifs are made of dinosaurs.

It reminds of the wild and the esoteric. These are suitable tattoo designs for men. Women who love riding bikes or like sci-fi fantasy can go for this tattoo.

Traditional Dinosaur Tattoo

traditional dinosaur tattoo


A colorful tattoo with the funny motif of a dragon carrying a floral headpiece looks good on a woman more than a man. The dinosaur is wearing a scarf on the head.

Dinosaur Skeleton Tattoo

dinosaur skeleton tattoo


A colorful tattoo that has dragon skull, a butterfly kissing the skull, and a rose and lavender flowers arranged below the skull. Skull tattoos represent a lot of things and usually have a negative annotation.

Dinosaur Tattoo for Legs

dinosaur tattoo for legs


A funny tattoo that can give you tickles inside the stomach. There are motifs of dinosaurs wearing wrestling championship belt, designed on both the arms. One is in green and the other is in blue. These dinosaurs are really showing off their wrestling abilities in this tattoo design. If you are a body builder with a funny streak, you can go for this tattoo.

Cartoon Dinosaur Tattoo

cartoon dinosaur tattoo


A baby dinosaur tattoo colored in purplish blue wearing a diaper and stands in a funny position. You can bring out your inner child and put it on a display wearing this design of tattoo. Alternatively, you can also go for the dragon tattoo.

Geometric Dinosaur Tattoo

geometric dinosaur tattoo


A dinosaur made in the motifs of broken stained glass and painted in dark rusted brown and green colors. This dinosaur seems to be screaming at something in this tattoo. Maybe its tired of its baby dinosaurs taking selfies and spending time of social media. This tattoo looks like this dinosaur is in a bad mood. You can get this badass motif of tattoo if you have the same attitude.

Dinosaur Tattoo for Forearm

dinosaur tattoo for forearm


This is a raptor tattoo of dinosaur colored in chocolate brown color. If only you understood the dinosaur language, you would understand what it is trying to tell in this motif. These motifs speak more about the attitude and mood than anything else. You may also See Squid Tattoo Designs

Dinosaur Tattoo on Sleeve

dinosaur tattoo on sleeve


A green dinosaur sleeve tattoo showing its red tongue and sitting on red roses looks like it is enjoying the floral couch in this tattoo. Young boys or girls can get this forearm tattoo design. Eagle tattoos also look good and give a feathery touch to the tattoo design.

Tribal Dinosaur Tattoo

tribal dinosaur tattoo


This tribal depiction of dinosaur in this tattoo looks very funny. The dinosaur in this design looks like a nice fellow with no teeth to show. Maybe it needs dentures. This is a good art work to wear for the creative mind. Boys and girls who have a funny bone can display this tattoo on their arms.

Dinosaur Fossil Tattoo Idea

dinosaur fossil tattoo idea


A raptor, fossil tattoo design of dinosaur is done in black color. Boys can wear this tattoo design.

Flower Dinosaur Tattoo Design

flower dinosaur tattoo design


Ankle Dinosaur Tattoo Idea

ankle dinosaur tattoo idea


Dinosaur Tattoo for Back

dinosaur tattoo for back


Black and White Dinosaur Tattoo

black and white dinosaur tattoo


Scary Dinosaur Tattoo

scary dinosaur tattoo


Green Dinosaur Tattoo

green dinosaur tattoo


Black Work Dinosaur Tattoo

blackwork dinosaur tattoo


There are umpteen motifs for sleeve tattoo designs. You can choose the form, shape, and style of these tattoos. You can also choose the theme and era you want the tattoo to belong to. Get a whiff of these designs from a selection of motifs of esoteric animals like, unicorns, firebirds, and more.

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