There is always a meaning or connotation to the tattoo design that you choose to have. A bumble bee tattoo signifies transformation. If you are seeking some sort of change in the waking hours of your life, this tattoo design can signify the same. Bees have represented various symbolisms in folklore. They represent sexuality, fertility, and also hope. You can wear this colorful tattoo on the arm or the palm and also incorporate a heart tattoo along with it.

Bumble Bee Foot Tattoo

bumble bee foot tattoo


This is a highly artistic tattoo of a large bumble bee drawn in black ink along with rose flower and leaves motif. This tattoo covers the entire foot and is suitable for women of all age groups. You may also see Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Realistic Bumble Bee Tattoo

realistic bumble bee tattoo


This is a highly elaborate tattoo of a large sized bumble bee. It is drawn on the hand and can be worn by male or female below the age of thirty. Also, tattooed is the text below the motif of this design.

Bumble Bee Tattoo Behind Ear

bumble bee tattoo behind ear


This is a super cute design of a flower bee with a human face drawn in different colors. It sits behind the ears. This tattoo design is mostly suitable for females. Even if you are a metrosexual male, do not try this tattoo on.

Bubble Bee Tattoo on Palm

bumble bee tattoo on palm


Bumble Bee Tattoo on Thigh

bumble bee tattoo on thigh


Unique Bumble Bee Tattoo Design

unique bumble tattoo design


Colorful Bumble Bee Tattoo

colorful bumble bee tattoo


Small Bumble Bee Tattoo

small bumble bee tattoo


Bumble Bee Shoulder Tattoo

bumble bee shoulder tattoo


Awesome Bumble Bee Tattoo

awesome bumble bee tattoo


Bee designs are not as popular as floral or butterfly designs. You can also get inked in the koi fish tattoo. This is a feng sui symbol of abundance and prosperity. There are umpteen options to get inked in the animal or floral motifs. Usually, the designs of these two motifs are combined into an interesting collage of elements for tattoo design.

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