A regular feature in the trending tattoos every year, insect tattoos have become hugely popular in recent times. Beautifully executed, with a graphic trend towards 3D and realistic art, these little bug designs are the newest way to associate with nature, and reflect your beliefs on your skin.

Insect tattoos owe their popularity to the multiple meanings and symbolism attached to these creatures of the nature. If you are into nature and all things beautiful, check out the following tattoo designs we have compiled specially for you!

Insect Tattoo Design on Finger

Insect Tattoo Design on Finger Source

An indication of ideas buzzing around in your mind, honey bees are famous for their extremely efficient networking as well as ingenuity. Getting a single honey bee inked in black on your fingers can also denote hard work and prosperity, along with the fact that they look simply beautiful!

Dragon Fly Tattoo on Neck

Dragon Fly Tattoo on Neck Source

Dragonfly tattoos took over the tattooing world quite early. People usually adore the beautiful and delicate wings of this bug, along with the fact that it is a totem for change and dreams. Get this one done in the minimal style for the ultimate effect.

Butterfly Tattoo Design on Stomach

Butterfly Tattoo Design on Stomach Source

Butterflies are known as the beautiful yet powerful totem of nature, popular for their life-changing process of metamorphosis. People usually get inked with butterflies tattoo to denote their inner strength and courage to stay strong in the face of change, and accept their environment.

Spider Palm Tattoo Idea

Spider Palm Tattoo Idea Source

Oh, this is a wickedly beautiful! Spiders in nature are popular for their power packed webbing as well as effortless construction techniques. The concept behind spider tattoos is to call to your own awareness for constructing your life the way you wish it to be.

Moth and Beetle Tattoo on Foot

Moth and Beetle Tattoo on Foot Source

In nature, while moth stands for deep inner knowing in the recesses of our sub-conscious, beetle relates to a divine power and fortune well above the others. Both of these also indicate the oncoming of love and luck, making these a powerful totem as well as tattoo design!

Flower and Insect Tattoo on Thigh

Flower and Insect Tattoo on Thigh Source

A minimal looking dragonfly flying over an intricately detailed rose flower depicts the joy of life and everything beautiful in nature, with the certainty that death is a common thread connecting all. Yet, to maintain the joy of living, appreciating beauty and love in nature can be a blessing!

Bee Tattoo Design Idea

Bee Tattoo Design Idea Source

Traditional meets neo-science in this one! Bursting with radiantly beautiful colours, this one represents a honey bee with all its ideas and communication media dripping golden honey onto different honeycombs of nature, bringing them all together.

Caterpillar Hand Tattoo Design

Caterpillar Hand Tattoo Design Source

Well, this one is delicate beauty! Caterpillars are famously revered as the bringers of change and good fortune. Placing one on a cherry leaf indicates a wonderful destiny arriving at your doorstep, along with love and luck.

Custom Insect Tattoo on Back

Custom Insect Tattoo on Back Source

Cicadas are known for their incessant humming throughout the summer season! Something that is less known about these beautiful creatures of nature is the fact that they always act as a group, and never alone, thus representing a communion of love right underneath our feet which we fail to see.

Green Moth Thigh Tattoo

Green Moth Thigh Tattoo Source

Temporary Bug Tattoo

Temporary Bug Tattoo Source

Neo Traditional Wasp Tattoo

Neo Traditional Wasp Tattoo Source

Stag Beetle Wrist Tattoo

Stag Beetle Wrist Tattoo Source

Bold Bug Foot Tattoo

Bold Bug Foot Tattoo Source

Dragonfly Tattoo Design

Dragonfly Tattoo Design Source

Mandala Leg Tattoo

Mandala Leg Tattoo Source

Centipede Tattoo Design

Centipede Tattoo Design Source

Red Tiny Insect Tattoo

Red Tiny Insect Tattoo Source

Colorful Moth Tattoo

Colorful Moth Tattoo Source

Ladybug Insect Tattoo for Women

Ladybug Insect Tattoo for Women Source

Don’t let these little bugs creep you out; the symbolism and totems these beautiful critters of nature carry are laden with deep significance. Getting inked with entomology tattoos might actually be one of the best inking decisions you make in life. Wondering where to start with insect tattoos? We are sure going through the above list would have helped you make up your mind to quite an extent! Don’t hold back; give your favourite critter a try, and let people go gaga over your new tattoo! Do remember to share it with us as well!

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