In classic tattoo design, the heart locket tattoo is extremely popular. This tattoo represents a heart shape with a keyhole which implies that the heart is a locked space. This reveals that one must unlock the heart to witness the inner personality of the person. Mostly inked in red to symbolize warmth, black colour is also used in this tattoo design.

Colorful Heart Locket Tattoo

colorful heart locket tattoo


Awesome Heart Locket Tattoo

awesome heart locket tattoo

Using a ribbon across heart locket with a special message is also a great option. One can also try the arrow piercing the heart symbol to have a dramatic effect on the tattoo. One can express moods, emotions and feelings with different motifs of heart locket.

Attractive Heart Locket Tattoo Design

attractive heart locket tattoo design


Red & Yellow Heart Locket Tattoo

red yellow heart locket tattoo


Black And Red Tattoo Design

black and red tattoo design

Some of the body parts where a heart locket tattoo suits the most are breastbone, ankle, wrist lower back etc. The flying bird is also a beautiful design that can be coupled with the heart. The locket tattoo can be coupled with keys but it is not imperative.

Heart Lock And Key Tattoo

heart lock and key tattoo


Heart Shaped Lock And Key Tattoo

heart shaped lock and key tattoo1


Simple Heart Locket Tattoo Design

simple heart locket tattoo design


Flowers And Heart Locket Tattoo

flowers and heart locket tattoo


Small Heart Locket Tattoo

small heart locket tattoo


Amazing Heart Locket Tattoo Design

amazing heart locket tattoo design


Two Heart Shaped Locket Tattoo

two heart shaped locket tattoo


Blue Heart Locket Tattoo Design

blue heart locket tattoo design


Heart Locket Tattoo For Women

heart locket tattoo for women


Full Hand Heart Locket Designed Tattoo

full hand heart locket designed tattoo

As heart locket tattoos are mostly intricate and decorated extensively, they look stunning. This adds a lot of mystery to your personality so this tattoo is suitable for secretive people. You can add feminine or masculine elements to customize the tattoo as per your needs.

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