Heart tattoo designs can be inked in different styles depending on an individual’s preference and personality. The heart is a powerful organ often associated with positive feelings such as love and passion or negative emotions like heartache and suffering. People who are in love can use heart tattoo to express how they feel and the symbol can be engraved on the wrist of both partners. The following list has different variations of heart tattoo designs. You may also See Heart Locket Tattoo

Broken Heart Tattoo Design

broken heart tattoo design


This broken heart tattoo design can symbolize a failed relationship, loss of a dear one or unrequited love. It features a red broken heart symbol with the word “broken” and is surrounded by colored flowers.

Sacred Heart Tattoo Design

sacred heart tattoo design


Devoted Christians view the image of the sacred heart as a reminder of Christ’s suffering. If you need to equate your pain to that of Jesus then this sacred heart tattoo design is for you.

Heart Locket Tattoo Design

heart locket tattoo design


Suitable for girls, this heart tattoo designs incorporates a ribbon, key, and locket in a gray color. You can use this tattoo to indicate that only you have the key to your heart.

Double Heart Tattoo Design

double heart tattoo design


Lovers who need to demonstrate their commitment to each other can do so using this double heart tattoo design. Include both your names and add cute flowers to personalize the tattoo.

Infinity Heart Tattoo Design

infinity heart tattoo design


This purple infinity heart tattoo design is gorgeous and shows everlasting love. The initials of the loved ones are included in the heart to show the strong bond.

Tree with Heart Tattoo Design

tree with heart tattoo design


This anatomical heart with tree tattoo design depicts that the individual’s passion is still growing or how love adds life. The contrasting blue and red color and anatomical design make this tattoo attractive.

Heart with Wings Tattoo Design

heart with wings tattoo design


A heart with wings tattoo design is ideal for remembering a loved one who has passed away. The gold color portrays angelic wings while the bleeding heart will show that you’re still brokenhearted.

Flaming Heart Tattoo Design

flaming heart tattoo design


This flaming heart tattoo is simple yet beautiful. It features a bright red heart with orange flames above the love symbol which represents that you are passionate about whom or what you love.

Red Heart Tattoo Design

red heart tattoo design


Red is a color of passion, love, seduction as well as danger. Suitable for men, this red heart tattoo design uses a floral theme to enhance the beauty of the person’s leg.

Heart and Flower Tattoo Design

heart and flower tattoo design


The beauty of personalizing a mom tattoo is to add the word “mother” and her favorite type of flowers. The word is in bold block letters, and the flowers are red in color.

Heart and Dagger Tattoo Design

heart and dagger tattoo design


This heart and dagger tattoo is perfect for men who want to reveal their strength. Thrusting the dagger into the heart shows betrayal or a broken heart. Either way, this tattoo is well designed.

Heart Foot Tattoo Design

heart foot tattoo design


This colorful tattoo will look good on the foot of either a man or a woman. It blends more than three colors and the name of someone special is included to make the tattoo unique and stunning.

Heart tattoo designs symbolize love, passion, heartache, suffering, and stability. With so many heart tattoo designs available, artists are finding new ways to reinvent this tattoo. A dagger or a knife is a weapon which when thrashed into a heart gives a meaning of betrayal. Adding flowers enhances the beauty of the design or represent femininity.
Heart tattoo designs are ideal for girls and guys who want to express how they are feeling in a creative way. Whether you need to show heartache or prove you are committed to your better half, there is a heart tattoo design that will make you look attractive and merge with your emotions.

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