Have you ever considered how amazing wizards are in movies or books? They are usually portrayed as wise and extremely talented people who practice witchcraft. Despite the fact that wizard tattoos are not a part of the mainstream world of tattoos, they are suitable for men and women alike. Following this, prepare yourself because we are about to charm you with our list of best wizard tattoo designs. You may also see Eye Tattoo Designs

Old School Wizard Tattoo

old school wizard tattoo


Old school tattoos have a vintage feeling about them. Like this one with the wizard casting a spell from a book. Incorporating all the elements of witchcraft, with the spirits and the powers coming out of the book, the design has a realistic cartoon look. You may also see Rooster Tattoo Designs

Mystic Wizard Tattoo Idea

mystic wizard tattoo idea


An old skull-faced wizard practicing magic. The smoky background along with the lighting of his powers, create a past decades quality that mesmerizes everyone who looks at it. This could be drawn with a female wizard too and in a different color combination to fit your tastes in colors.

Black and White Wizard Tattoo

black and white wizard tattoo


Black and white tattoos have a natural look that can match every skin tone. This one depicts a wizard that is ready to strike with his magic wand. The fading appearance creates a remarkable ghost-like effect that adds a magical element to the design making it suitable for all.

Evil Wizard Tattoo Design

evil wizard tattoo design


This design is the epitome of evil wizards. It starts at the base of the knee and goes all the way down the shin. The lightning that comes out if his eyes, along with the scorpion on his tongue create a menacing look that captures the evil concept.

Traditional Wizard Tattoo

traditional wizard tattoo


Shading plays a very important part in the end result of the tattoo. It requires skill and good knowledge of the art in order to achieve neutrality. This traditional wizard tattoo shows both skill and creativity. Even though the lining looks easy, the shading might take some time to complete.

Colorful Wizard Tattoo on sleeve

colorful wizard tattoo on sleeve


Sometimes a design needs color in order to look complete. This colorful wizard casting his spells has a detailed design that takes a lot of time to complete. It is suitable for both men and women and the design can be replaced by a female witch.

Snake Wizard Tattoo on Arm

snake wizard tattoo on hand


You can have a cartoon design tattoo and still make it look mighty good. This snake wizard combines the snake tattoo design with the wizard incorporating them into one tattoo. You can have it in many variations in coloring and also other themes to reflect on your preferences.

Flaming Wizard Tattoo Design

flaming wizard tattoo design


A tattoo with multiple colors that blend artistically together and an amazing design of a wizard holding a precious stone. The watercolor effect creates a stunning look that can be used with a female wizard too. The coloring will take some time in order to complete. You may also see Lamp Tattoo Designs

Cool Wizard Tattoo on Leg

cool wizard tattoo on leg


Black Work Wizard Tattoo

black work wizard tattoo


Wizard Tattoo on Palm

wizard tattoo on palm


Wizard Shoulder Tattoo Design

wizard shoulder tattoo design


Purple Color Cat Wizard Tattoo

purple color cat wizard tattoo


Awesome Wizard Tattoo Design

awesome wizard tattoo design


Unique Wizard Tattoo Idea

unique wizard tattoo idea


Wizard tattoos can be done by anyone. They have a unique feeling and can be incorporated with other themes and designs. The techniques that each one requires are different making every piece of wizard tattoo unique. You can always customize your design for a special tattoo made just for you. You may also see Buddha Tattoo Designs

All you need is the inspiration. You can watch a movie or read a book about various wizards and get new ideas. Use deferent concepts and get the tattoo that will be completely yours. From colorful sleeve tattoos to old school designs you can have a great variety to choose from.

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