With much old fashion style making a comeback this year, the A-line skirt has not been left behind. It appeals to the young generation and older women because it is flattering to any body shape. These skirt designs fit at the waist and widen towards the hemline which works to camouflage problematic body areas such as big thighs. Whether as a mini or midi, there is a comfortable A-line skirt that will accentuate your figure and portray your style.

A-Line Midi Skirts

Do you love a retro trend? Then A-line midi skirts are for you. With the hemline laying between the ankles and knees, this skirt complements a variety of shoes and tops. They are suitable for hiding big thighs and have a decent formal look.

A-Line Blue Midi Skirt

a line blue midi skirt

A-Line Denim Skirts

Denim skirts will always be timeless so why not get a variety of designs including A-line. It has a casual vibe so pair this bottom with a chiffon floral top and tuck it in to draw more attention towards your waist.

A-Line Short Denim Skirt

a line short denim skirt

A-Line Leather Skirt Outfit

Leather skirts are trending and if you don’t like the fitting design then go for an A-line skirt design. You can dress down this skirt by matching with a solid colored button down shirt and knee-high leather boots.

Black A-Line Skirt Outfit

You will look classy when you wear black A-line skirt. The black color gives you an endless freedom to wear any top and shoes you like. For an office look pair this skirt with a tucked in long sleeve shirt.

Floral A-Line Skirt Designs

If you want to look feminine and fresh, then opt for floral skirts. When wearing an A-line floral skirt yet, you don’t have a clearly outlined waist then add a voluminous top so that the center body part looks thinner.

1950’s Floral A-Line Skirt

1950s floral a line skirt

High Waisted A-Line Skirts

If you want to recreate the 1900s fashion style, then go for high waisted A-line skirt designs. For a slimming and formal look opt for pencil skirts with a belted short crop cardigan. A longer top that sits tightly on the hips will match this skirt.

High Waisted A-Line Midi Skirt

high waisted a line midi skirt

Plaid A-Line Skirts

What better way to combine two retro styles than by wearing a plaid A-line skirt. Plaids are popular especially with the young generation as they are easy to pair and even look good with a tucked in white t-shirt. Skirts made of a cotton fabric whice are ideal for summer or spring. You may also see Plaid Skirt Designs

Grey and White Plaid A-Line Skirt

grey and white plaid a line skirt

Pleated A-Line Skirts

Pleated A-line skirts have a playful and feminine look that will make you noticeable. We especially love those in mini skirt designs as they can be paired with knee or thigh high socks which creates a trendy look. Wear this outfit to a club or party. You may also see Pleated Skirt Designs

High-Waist Pleated A-Line Skirt

high waist pleated a line skirt

Striped A-Line Skirt Outfit

Fashion It girls are wearing stripes and you too can look glamorous by wearing a striped A-line skirt. A simple graphic tee, classy sandals, and cute handbag will prevent this skirt from looking too formal. Add a wide belt to emphasize your waist.

Sequin A-Line Skirts

If you want a luxurious image, then look no further than on a sequin A-line skirt. The glittery fabric will add sparkle to your whole look, so pair with a subtle top to avoid each material competing for attention. You may also see Sequin Skirt Designs

Vintage A-Line Skirt Designs

Whether with subtle patterns or bold shades, vintage A-line skirts are a must have for any girl who wants to look unique and stylish. For a casual look, wear a sleeveless top, Oxford flats and add animal print sunglasses.

Vintage Striped A-Line Skirt

vintage striped a line skirt


A-Line Pencil Skirts

A-line pencil skirts get their inspiration from the 70s and are perfect for women with an hourglass figure as they tend to fit closer to the body. To create a cinched wear, a tucked in thin fabric top.

A-Line Knee Length Pencil Skirt

a line knee length pencil skirt

A-Line Skater Skirts

A-line skater skirts have a girly look that will go so well with a crop top. For a layered look add a flowy unbuttoned cardigan and add a long pendant necklace. During winter wear with a bright plaid shirt and tuck it in to give a chic look.

Black A-Line Skater Skirt

black a line skater skirt

Casual A-Line Skirts

A-line skirts are so versatile that you can pair with a vibrant top to give it a casual effect. For a casual look, go for A-line skirts with floral, stripes, tribal pattern or those that are brightly colored.

A-Line Lace Skirt Outfit

A-line skirts that feature lace material are feminine and you can showcase a tough effect by pairing with a leather crop top or jacket. For cold days wear a black top which will match with any lace skirt color.

Floral lace A-Line Skirt

floral lace a line skirt

The A-line skirt is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe as it accentuates the waist and covers areas you want to hide. It is feminine and even comes as mini skirts for showing off those sexy legs. These skirts are very versatile that they fit formal events or when going on a casual date with friends.

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