Fringe skirts take inspiration from 70’s styled skirts and are perfect for those who like to wear vintage styled clothing and are available in a number of styles and fabrics so that you can find the ideal skirt for your style. These skirts can be worn at any event, or as a casual outfit so that you can find a great skirt for your needs. Take a look at our 10 best fringe skirt designs to help you find the best option for you.

Suede Fringe Skirt Design

Suede skirts are a very traditional 70s style skirt, and the fringe completes the look. These skirts can be dressed up for a party or event, but also dressed down as a casual skirt design.

Fringe Maxi Skirt

Fringe maxi skirts are a very pretty design that reaches the floor. This style of skirt can be worn with a blouse for a more business styled look or a camisole so that you can wear the skirt as a casual outfit.

Leather Fringe Skirt

Leather fringe skirts are created out of leather to create a bold and striking skirt design that is suitable for any event. These skirt designs are available in a number of colors so that you can create an outfit for any occasion.


Designer Black Fringe Skirt

Black fringe skirts are a stunning addition to any outfit. The black color makes it stand out, but it also minimalistic design that you can pair with a top or blouse of any color to suit your personal style.

Fringe Mini Skirt


Fringed mini skirts are a fun skirt that is perfect for parties and fun events. They can be worn with any top so that you look gorgeous at the party or event. These mini skirts are available in any color and fabric to suit your style.

Fringe Pencil Skirt

Fringe pencil skirts are fitted pencil skirts with fringe at the bottom. These skirts are perfect for a businesswoman as they are professional, but also fun and modern for a young woman.

Sequin Fringe Skirt

Sequined fringe skirts are sequined skirts with fringes at the bottom, although some options are covered with fringes. This style of skirt is perfect for a party or a fun event, and come in any color of your choosing.

Beaded Fringe Skirt

Beaded fringe skirts are similar to sequined skirts and are also perfect for a party and event. These skirts come in any color and can be paired with a simple blouse for a fun and modern look.


High Waisted Fringe Skirt

High waisted fringe skirts sit on the waits rather than the hips. This style is very popular with modern styles and usually fit the body. This style of skirt also comes in an a line style and is perfect for a casual, everyday skirt.


White Fringe Skirt Design

White fringe skirts are a bright skirt design that is available in a number of colors. The white is very minimalistic and can be dressed with any color of top to suit your style and fashion perfectly.

Fringe skirts can be hard to dress and find the best one for your event, so we have developed a range of styles so that you can find the best option for you.

We hope that this list has helped you to find the best fringe skirt designs for your personal style, or to fit an event or occasion that you are looking to attend.

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