Leather has a classic and natural look adding style and charm in many dress designs. Prom dresses are a great idea to incorporate this material in order to add a stunning look to your most special school night. You will find these designs in fancy designs featuring flattering lines and glamorous tone for many occasions. For today’s post we put together a collection of leather dress designs that will inspire you with new wardrobe additions. You may also See White Dress Designs

Designer Black Leather Dress

Designer black dresses have a mesmerizing look that makes every woman that wears them look stunning and sophisticated. These designs feature incredible décor like studs, zippers and other metallic designs that add character with a rock mood to every outfit.

Short Black Leather Dress

short black leather dress

Long Sleeve Leather Dress

Long sleeve leather dresses have a sophisticated look. You will find them in midi and mini dresses making a bold fashion statement for women that know what they want from fashion. They are available in many colors to add variety.

Long Sleeve Boho Leather Dress

long sleeve boho leather dress

Leather Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses hug the lines of the body with a stylish design. Leather is one of the materials that add character with a stunning design that can flatter every figure accentuating your features. It is suitable for all confident women.

Leather Bodycon Green Dress

leather bodycon green dress

Leather Skater Dress

Leather as a material is great for many reasons. One of them is that it makes the skater dresses look cute with a bold character that makes a statement no matter the occasion. You will find them in mini dresses.

Leather Skater Blue Dress

leather skater blue dress


Strapless Leather Skater Dress

stripless leather skater dress


Leather Midi Dress Design

Midi dresses have a stylish look that makes every woman look polished and sophisticated. You can find them in leather material giving a rock vibe with bold character that is suitable for the women that enjoy life to the fullest.

Simple Leather Midi Dress

simple leather midi dress

Leather Top Midi Dress

leather top midi dress


Leather Wedding Dress

If you want to get a different look from the ordinary then you can go for a leather wedding dress. These designs come in many colors apart from white in order to give you choices while looking striking and elegant.

Leather Cocktail Dress Design

Cocktail dresses are meant to be striking in order to steal all the attention. The leather designs come in many variations with patterns and stylish cuts while you can find them in amazing floral dresses with excellent and fashionable results.

leather cocktail dress design

Strapless Leather Dress

If you like showcasing your shoulders you can choose a strapless leather dress that will allow you to look fabulous. These designs are suitable for special occasions like parties, weddings etc while giving you many lengths to experiment with style.

strapless leather dress

Leather Maxi Dress

Leather maxi dresses will give you a remarkable look that will turn you into the center of attention. There is a great variety of designs to choose for your wardrobe while the long skirt can come in other fabrics too. You may also See Red Dress Designs

If you are in need of a material that looks good with every combination in color and texture then leather is the one for you. It has the ability to look good in every combination while you will find that mixed with lace and mesh it can create a sexy design suitable for formal dresses. While it has a rock vibe, leather dresses can be found in many colors and designs for many unique outfits.

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