Cardigans have become a staple wear for celebrities such as Kendal Jenner during winter. It’s because of their versatile nature of adapting to the body’s shape that enables them to make a fashion statement. Sweaters which were once an outfit for grandmothers have broken fashion barriers with their slim cuts and bold design.

You can still wear a cardigan even with a classy outfit. Whether long sleeved or short, there’s a cardigan suitable for your body type and the outfit you’re wearing.

Long Cardigan Outfit Idea

Long Cardigan Outfit Idea Source

This cute long sleeved gray cardigan will match with any casual outfit. The loose design will make you feel comfortable as well as flatter your body shape. Pair this cardigan with blue skinny jeans or a floral dress with ankle boots.

Oversized Cardigan Outfit Design

Oversized Cardigan Outfit Design Source

A black cardigan can complement both casual and formal outfits. You will look classy when you pair this oversized black cardigan with a neutral colored dress. Pair it with a matching color handbag to give your look an edge.

Bohemian Cardigan Shrug

Bohemian Cardigan Shrug Source

This colorful bohemian cardigan will look good on any skin tone. Suitable for teenagers, the embroidered lace element will ensure that it always remain trendy and feminine. Pair this comfy cardigan with shorts, floral dresses or even your favorite bikini.

Knit Cardigan Long Jacket

Knit Cardigan Long Jacket Source

This stylish hand knitted cardigan is comfortable, stylish and fluffy enough to keep you warm during cold days. The long length ensures that this vintage outfit keeps you warm and hugs your curves. The blue color will help you stand out.

Oversized Cardigan Sweater

Oversized cardigan sweater Source

Wearing Dolce and Gabbana cardigan assure you of quality and trendy design. The high collar and drop shoulder intricate design will make you look elegant while the pink and green chunky wool portrays a fun personality.

Black And White Cardigan Outfit

Black And White Cardigan Outfit Source

If you’re in the mood of wearing a cropped top but you’re afraid the weather is not suitable for such attire then pair it with a chunky oversized cardigan. You can wear this black and white comfy cardigan either belted or open.

Chunky Cardigan Outfit

Chunky Cardigan Outfit Source

Whether in the office or just hanging out with friends, this open front chunky cardigan will make you look beautiful. The lightweight mohair ensures that you can move comfortably when wearing this cardigan. Pair this sweater with a pencil skirt.

Urban Grey Cardigan Dress

Urban Grey Cardigan Dress Source

You will look chic and beautiful wearing this elegant long gray tunic. What’s unique about this cardigan is that you can style it to suit the event you’re attending. The loose swallow tail back portrays a creative and fun person.

Striped Cardigan Jacket Idea

Striped Cardigan Jacket Idea Source

If multi-color is what you admire in a cardigan, then go for this vintage outfit. The extra large size will fit all women’s body types while the vibrant color will look good on any skin tone.

Classic Cardigan Jacket Idea

Classic Cardigan Jacket Idea Source

If you need a cute cardigan to match with your bold dress then this classic cream cardigan. Whether you wear a long bright dress or a short floral outfit, this cardigan will complement your whole look. Wear matching uncle boots to give your outfit an edge.

Black Cardigan Jacket Design

Black Cardigan Jacket Design Source

Modern Cardigan Outfit

Modern Cardigan Outfit Source

Make a monochromatic fashion statement by pairing your cardigan with your pants and shoes. You can also opt to wear V-neck cardigan like a top or go for lacy details to help you stand out.

Cardigan Short Outfit

Cardigan Short Outfit Source

Missoni Outfit Idea

Missoni Outfit Idea Source

Fashionable Cardigan Outfit

Fashionable Cardigan Outfit Source

Add a belt to your waist to draw attention towards your curves. If you want to look taller and thinner, then go for a long open cardigan while to depict a fun personality go for cardigans with bright colors such as yellow, red and pink.

Beautiful Floral Cardigan Outfit

Beautiful Floral Cardigan Outfit Source

Pink Cardigan Outfit Idea

Pink Cardigan Outfit Idea Source

Strawberry Print Cardigan Outfit

Strawberry Print Cardigan Outfit Source

Brown Semi Cardigan Outfit Idea

Strawberry Print Cardigan Outfit Source

Whether you prefer oversized or fitting, cardigans come in a wide variety of colors and size to meet every woman’s needs. With a variety of cardigans, even recycled outfit will look beautiful and fun. The trick is to use belts and different cardigans to spice up your recycled outfit. So choose a cardigan that flatters your body shape.

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