Thanks to Audrey Hepburn the embroidered shift dress which was a fashion trend in the 1960s has become one of the go-to dresses for dinner in the 21st century.This dress is unique because just like grunge fashion outfits instead of clinging to a woman’s curve they tend to hang a bit loose drawing attention away from areas you don’t want to show off. Whether you’re young or mature, there’s an embroidered shift dress that will suit you. Have  a look!

Embroidered Border Shift Dress

Embroidered Border Shift Dress Source

If you’re looking for a loose dress that will draw attention from the tummy then this bright colored embroidered shift dress is just what you need. The short size makes it perfect for showing off those beautiful legs.

Lace Embroidered Shift Dress

Lace Embroidered Shift Dress Source

Laces will always remain trendy and feminine. By opting for a white lace embroidered shift dress you too can show your style. What’s fun about this dress is that you can pair it with any colored handbag or earrings.

Blue Embroidered Shift Dress

Blue Embroidered Shift Dress Source

A 60s blue embroidered shift dress is just what you need to make a fashion statement. The white linen design with bright aquamarine flowers will make you look elegant and chic in summer, spring or any casual event.

Embroidered Black Shift Dress

Embroidered Black Shift Dress Source

If you’re looking for an embroidered dress that depicts a street chic style, then go for a bold floral pattern. The black color makes it possible to pair this dress with cute pink sandals or colored high heels.

Blouson Embroidered Shift Dress

Blouson Embroidered Shift Dress Source

An orange blouson embroidered shift dress is a great outfit for summer or just hanging out with your friends. The belt defines the waist ensuring that you portray an hourglass figure.

Bebe Embroidered Dress Design

Bebe Embroidered Dress Design Source

A Bebe embroidered dress design is ideal for kids who love playing outside. Add a hair bow to give this outfit a fun summer look and pair this dress with gold sandals or a colored flat shoe.

Floral Embroidered Hem Shift Dress

Floral Embroidered Hem Shift Dress Source

This beautiful floral embroidered hem shift dress skims the body shape in a flattering way. The bold color enables the dress to stand on its own so pair it with nude shoes or simple accessories like a hat.

Gingham Embroidered Shift Dress

Gingham Embroidered Shift Dress Source

A vintage dress that draws attention away from your tummy is a must have for any mature lady. The large pockets give this dress a playful look while the front zipper gives it a modern style.

Small Embroidered Shift Dress

Small Embroidered Shift Dress Source

Riding boots tend to complement a small embroidered shift dress while the crew neckline draws attention to the bust. The green embroidery together with hidden side pockets gives this dress a boho style that will make any woman look feminine.

White Embroidered Shift Dress

White Embroidered Shift Dress Source

This white embroidered shift dress is perfect for ladies with a petite figure. The white color of this dress makes it easier to pair with silver accessories or layer it with a leather jacket. You can also opt for a colored handbag to give the dress an elegant style.

Summer Embroidered Shift Dress

Summer Embroidered Shift Dress Source

Embroidered Tiny Floral Shift Dress

Embroidered Tiny Floral Shift Dress Source

Pink Full Sleeve Embroidered Shift Dress

Pink Full Sleeve Embroidered Shift Dress Source

Red Embroidered Shift Dress Idea

Red Embroided Shift Dress Idea Source

Simple Embroided Shift Dress

Simple Embroided Shift Dress Source

For a monochrome shift dress its best to pair it with bold accessories such as a pair of drop earrings. Since this dress tends to be short, it’s easier to match with strappy heels or coral sandals. During spring time pair a shift dress with a cardigan or a jacket to make it more stylish.

Gold Embroidered Shift Dress

Gold Embroidered Shift Dress Source

Blue and White Embroided Shift Dress

Blue and White Embroided Shift Dress Source

Belt Embroided Shift Dress

Belt Embroided Shift Dress Source

Embroidered shift dresses are designed to keep you comfortable by drawing attention away from body areas that are not flattering. This dress design is so versatile that both young and mature ladies will feel comfortable in it. So, go for one of these shift dresses that will complement your body type.

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